Managed Services

3 Advantages of a Managed Services Agreement

In an economy that could be a whole lot better, saving money is more important than it ever has been. When it comes to minor network changes for a company, even something like installing new routers or rearranging access points can quickly throw off your budget. But by leveraging a network services partner with the right resources through a managed services agreement, you can help alleviate those costs and keep even small projects in check.

Consider the costs of these often simple network changes: You must pay to send a staff member to a location to make the change, pay for the time and travel expenses, pay for the time they are now missing out on bigger and more important jobs and finally pay to actually fix or upgrade the network components themselves. All of this adds up quickly, and all of this can be avoided with a managed services agreement.

Here are three reasons why you should consider making the switch today:

  1. Reduced Costs – The first and biggest reason to switch to a managed services agreement would be spending less money. Rather than spending on unnecessary travel and accommodations, a dispatched worker can be sent to multiple locations instantly and you’ll only pay for the actual work being done. Good-bye to all the extra costs, hello to efficiency.
  2. Reduced Confusion – You’re not just saving money; you’re saving sanity by giving yourself a single point of contact to deal with rather than multiple contacts in multiple departments. Also, with a managed services agreement, you can guarantee that your needs will be met by professionals who come loaded with experience and are specialized in the areas you need. No more distractions, no more confusion.
  3. Increased Knowledge – A proper managed services agreement ensures an in-depth knowledge base of information at every location. Now, you have access to that knowledge base and the people that can fix your problems. Why struggle with your IT issues when a knowledgeable professional is a phone call away?

Bottom line, managed service agreements are becoming more popular all around the world, especially during difficult economic times when companies look to cut costs without cutting customer service.