Cloud Adoption

Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption

Today, your organization wants to gain competitive advantage by becoming more agile, cost efficient and a high performance entity. In order to achieve and sustain these goals, you will need to transform your product offerings, channels and customer service to reflect the demands for your changing consumers.

These transformational needs are compelling your organization to adopt cloud services as a key component of its ability to gain access to the right IT services, from the right places, at the right time, at the right cost.

The properties of cloud services – elasticity, pay-per-use, standardization of the runtime infrastructure, and automation – enable you to benefit from economies of scale, faster provisioning times, and reduced runtime costs.

Business Drivers

  • Maximize the ability of cloud services to deliver targeted business benefits
  • Reduce the risk and impacts associated with the adoption of cloud services
  • Create an agile, integrated roadmap for your journey to cloud services

Moving to the cloud

While the benefits of cloud computing are significant, so is the complexity of planning, building and managing a cloud environment. Many IT organizations have been slow to adopt
cloud computing due to concerns about governance, risk, security, compliance, integration, performance, capital expense requirements, and deployment and operational risks – and how
to address them.

This complexity stems from the fact that organizations today have many different applications with very specific set of requirements. Some requirements are derived from legacy infrastructure, spread across multiple data centers that are based on industry standards or customs, but have different compliance requirements. Furthermore, specific applications have the right “fit-for-purpose” delivery models.

How then do you identify which application should run on which delivery model? How do you determine the least risky path of migration of your applications to the cloud while reducing the capital and operational expenditure?

Cloud Adoption Workshop

A 3-day open source based Cloud Adoption Workshop enables clients to quickly gather detailed information about their current IT environment. This workshop refines and accelerates an actionable cloud roadmap for specific IT services while reducing risk for stakeholders and improving business results.

Cloud adoptionDatatrend’s 3-day Cloud Adoption Workshop will allow you to:

  • Rapidly define an actionable cloud roadmap
  • Specify solution scenarios for the chosen set of workloads/applications
  • Develop a detailed technical roadmap for the migration of the chosen set of workloads to the appropriate delivery platform (i.e. Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Co-location, Managed Services, etc.)
  • Evaluate the organizational level of cloud readiness across cloud readiness dimensions and attributes
  • Develop an enterprise cloud roadmap and an implementable strategy for up to 5 chosen workloads/business processes; and
  • Identify best practices and reference architectures.

During the workshop, we work with you to develop your cloud services strategy by taking a multi-dimensional approach to cloud adoption – bringing together business alignment,organization, infrastructure, business processes comprising of individual applications, business/strategy alignment and organizational readiness.

We will leverage our industry perspectives, prior experience delivering successful cloud engagements, and in collaboration with you we will identify any gaps that exist between the current ‘as is’ state and the desired ‘to be’ state; and set out a cloud roadmap that identifies key next steps, based on your business’ specific requirements.

How does it work?
Cloud adoption

The following is the methodology we use to successfully deliver this workshop:

Realize the benefits

Recognizing that the cloud does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution, we emphasize a holistic view, based on an understanding of your business, technology, organization and your drivers for change.

The workshop will help clients identify a fit-for-purpose solution designed to solve your business challenges. The key benefits include:

  • Rapid discovery of cloud related workloads, devices and data that are strategic, transformational and which hold the biggest potential for quick and/or good financial/business value
  • Realize the benefits, scope, scale and the critical success factors for adopting cloud
  • CGain stakeholder buy-in and give traction to any existing cloud initiative(s)
  • Leverage best practices around data centers, IT infrastructure, applications service management/delivery, and mobility
  • Understand current situation, future aspirations and to define a high level roadmap
  • Take an holistic approach to cloud adoption including technology, process, people and governance

Why Cloud Adoption Workshop?

  • Maximize the ability of cloud services to deliver targeted business benefits
  • Reduce the risk and impacts associated with the adoption of cloud services
  • Create an agile, integrated roadmap for your journey to cloud services
  • Enables IT Organizations to develop tangible and measurable roadmap prior to committing to larger transformational efforts.
  • A first of a kind go-to-market strategy that brings together open standards (i.e. OpenStack etc.) and delivers a unified transformation strategy to our clients.

Key Deliverables

  • Key findings and recommendations for each type of cloud deployment;
  • Reports/Charts depicting the cloud readiness of your business. Cloud readiness will cover infrastructure, applications, and organizational readiness;
  • Reports/Tables that provide a description of the level of cloud readiness for each attribute;
  • A set of charts, comprising of the ‘as-is’ state to the ‘to-be’ state;
  • A high-level roadmap that identifies key activities for the next 12-24 months;
  • An implementable roadmap for up to 5 applications/workloads; and
  • A high level business case (TCO/ROI analysis)

Cloud adoption

Workshop Analytics

The workshop leverages our sophisticated analytics engine that has been developed using an industry standard framework based on open standards, and leverages our years of experience to deliver accurate and implantable recommendations.

Why Datatrend Technologies Inc.?

  • Datatrend Technologies offers a unique blend of capabilities, assets and experience that differentiates us from other cloud service providers.
  • Our consulting teams are experienced in cloud, mobility, on-premise enterprise solutions, and other disruptive technologies.
  • Members of our consulting teams have on average 15+ years of Application development, Organizational change management, IT infrastructure and service management consulting experience.
  • We offer our services at a fraction of the cost of our competition
  • Workshops customized to each client situation.

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