Automated Server Discovery

Automatic Server Discovery – A Powerful Network Troubleshooting Tool

Even small companies can quickly build an extremely complex network of servers. Larger companies have networks that can stretch across several different countries.

Keeping up with the complexity of a network can be extremely challenging, and it’s even more challenging when the system goes down. What’s causing the problem? Where is the problem? How can the problem be fixed quickly?

One of the core responsibilities of an IT department is to map the company’s server configuration throughout the entire network. The map must be constantly updated. In the past, this created a significant amount of work for several IT professionals. That’s because they would have to configure server information manually and they would have to perform this work regularly. Let’s say a company had more than 100 machines; this would require manually checking each machine and thus eat up valuable IT man hours extremely quickly.

Thankfully, automatic server discovery makes the process significantly easier. Using specific tools, the company that’s providing server discovery services sends messages to available license servers. The servers respond with information about server location and configuration. This makes what used to be a labor intensive process much faster and easier. With the increasing complexity and scope of networks, network mapping is even more important.

One problem that emerges in large networks is fragility. Sometimes, a malfunction in a server or a simple network connection can crash even a relatively small system. Finding this malfunction or bad connection can take hours if the company does not have an accurate map of their systems.

However, with an accurate map, the IT team can quickly locate a problem. The map also helps a company fully understand its IT infrastructure so it can make important decisions that will improve internal efficiency and customer/client service. Again—it’s vital to identify the dependencies of each server and connection between every application, switch, operating system and configuration. Automatic server discovery makes this a reality.

If a company does not have the internal technology or expertise to run its own automatic server discovery, it can hire an IT company that specializes in the service. Through automatic server discovery and related services, a company can repair or replace bad servers, create accurate reports, install a dashboard to track system metrics, and handle emergencies quickly.