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Beautiful Data Centers: Our Top 4

We showed you the companies that have a lot of work to do with their data center management in our post, ‘Server Rooms: The Messiest We’ve Ever Seen.’ Now we want to celebrate the companies that have got it right. Very right.

As we take a look at some of the world’s most beautiful data centers, it’s easy to forget that the process of achieving this level of excellence requires a team of experts using the latest and greatest technology to streamline and clean up what can be an extremely tangled operation. When one steps back to understand all the work and knowledge required to successfully maintain a data center, it’s no surprise that data center consulting is such a hot and emerging service.

Without further ado, inspired by lists developed by Ansel Santosa & Hack N Mod, here are Datatrend’s Top 4 Data Centers:

Microsoft Chicago Data Center

1. Microsoft in Chicago – If you had any doubts whatsoever about just how beautiful structured cabling can be nothing short of art, look no further than the top secret and clandestine data center for Microsoft in Chicago. It looks like you could eat off the floors and finding any server would be ridiculously easy. It’s this kind of visual that shows why Microsoft is, and will be, at the top of the software ladder for a long, long time.



IBM Structured Cabling

2. IBM – Take one glance at the top of the post, the clean grey and white floors, the absolute lack of cabling visible anywhere and yes, the grass in the middle. Real or not, it just shows exactly how progressive and forward thinking you can be in a data center. Take a look to the right and check out the cleanliness of the cabling and how everything is connected, organized and free of tangles. In a word…perfect.


Sweden ISP Data Center


3. Sweden ISP: Leave it to the Swedes to make us all look bad. Not only does this look like it’s a scene from Jurassic Park, look at the cleanliness, the lighting and again, the absence of cabling lying around anywhere and the wide open space. Not to mention its all underground, which helps for the cooling. Key cool points: It’s held in an old nuclear bunker. Wow.


Microsoft Washington Data Center


4. Microsoft, Washington – Once again Microsoft finds its way onto our list. With only one picture, it’d better be good, and we chose this one because, well, it looks like the inside of the Death Star, or the Data Center of the Storm Troopers, and that’s amazing. How beautiful when cabling sticks together, when lines are clean and organization is heralded. Well played again Microsoft, well played indeed.



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