Introducing IBM FlashSystem A9000 + A9000R Grid Architecture For Hybrid Cloud

IBM Launches New All-Flash-Arrays with Enterprise Scale and Performance – Webinar Replay

IBM Flash Scale Out Webinar Held Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Why It’s time for “Flash Everywhere” – Flash Market Leader IBM Expands All Flash Array Solutions Portfolio

On April 27th, IBM announced several groundbreaking All Flash Array (AFA) solutions – the A9000/A9000R and the DS8888 – expanding the market-leading FlashSystem™ family, building the established and industry-acclaimed AFA solutions already delivering enterprise performance for 1000’s of customers globally. IBM is the global market leader in flash capacity shipped, and these new offerings offer a strong case for all-flash enterprise and cloud delivery environments.

“Falling prices on flash media, broader product availability, and increasing end-user knowledge of benefits of flash technology will fuel 29.2 percent five-year compound annual growth rate of this market segment.”

–  Natalya Yezhkova, Research Director, Storage Systems, IDC

IBM Premier Business PartnerDatatrend, an IBM premier partner, featured guest presenter Eric Herzog, VP Product Marketing – IBM Storage Systems and Software Defined Infrastructure, who shared details and the business benefits of the new storage solution offerings:

Key Highlights:

  • IBM FlashSystem A9000 Family Delivers Enterprise Scale and Ultra-fast Performance: Multi-petabyte scale and millions of IOPS with latency as low as 250µs.
  • Extremely efficient full-time data reduction suite, including new inline deduplication, uniquely combined with flash-optimized pattern removal, compression, thin provisioning and lightweight Redirect-on-write snapshots – delivering high effective capacity and low cost per GB (as low as $1.50/GB) for improved TCO.
  • Grid-Scale & Hyper-Scale framework simplifies management and supports mixed workloads (e.g. databases, VMware and virtual servers) with high Quality of Service (QoS) and secure multi-tenancy; GUI design of IBM Hyper-Scale Manager reduces mouse clicks by more than 50%.
    Improve cloud service performance for multi-tenant environments. Cloud integrations with leading platforms (Microsoft Azure, VMware, OpenStack, IBM Softlayer).
  • Five 9’s High Availability: with non-disruptive upgrades, plus IBM Variable Stripe RAID protection and ability to survive controller failures without performance degradation. Multi-site data protection. Non-disruptive data migration.
  • The FlashSystem A9000 “pod” offers scale up to 144 managed “pods” for over 100PBs effective capacity, while the A9000R offers scale-up performance and capacity within a rack and up to 144 managed racks for over 250 PBs effective capacity!
  • The DS8888 adds an all-flash-array solution for mainframe attached storage, ideal for any Tier 1 environment.

Register to watch the replay of the IBM and Datatrend webinar from May 3rd to learn about this enterprise-grade, highly-scalable solution for software-defined environments. Datatrend, an IBM premier partner, featured guest presenter Eric Herzog, VP Product Marketing – IBM Storage Systems and Software Defined Infrastructure, who shared details and the business benefits of the new storage solution offerings.

IBM and Datatrend held a webinar on May 3rd to educate about this enterprise-grade solution for software-defined environments.

Eric HerzogSpeaker: Eric Herzog,
Vice President, Product Marketing and Management, IBM Storage Systems

Eric’s responsibilities include worldwide product marketing and management for IBM’s award winning family of storage solutions, software defined storage, integrated infrastructure, and platform computing. Herzog has over 30 years of product management, marketing, business development, alliances, and sales experience in the storage software, storage hardware, and storage solutions markets, managing all aspects of marketing, product management, sales, alliances, and business development in both Fortune 500 and start-up storage companies.

Prior to joining IBM, Herzog was Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Alliances for all-flash storage provider Violin Memory.  Herzog was also Senior Vice President of Product Management and Product Marketing for EMC’s Enterprise & Mid-range Systems Division.

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