BMC Atrium Discovery for Storage

BMC Atrium Discovery for StorageNew in BMC’s Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping 10.1 (ADDM) is the ability to discover storage devices directly and relate them back to applications and business services. With this information, we now have the ability to determine which business units are consuming which IT resources, and how we can better allocate what we already have, as well as plan for the future. Additionally, since all storage devices are rendered identically in ADDM, we now have a unified view of all of our storage, regardless of the platform or vendor. Best of all, you don’t have to deploy any new software – you can leverage your existing ADDM implementation with a simple add-on module.

The Problem

Enterprise storage management tools provided by the storage vendor provide an excellent top-down view of our storage infrastructure, letting us know how many devices we have, how much capacity, and how much of that capacity is allocated. Trends can be graphed, problems can be detected and isolated, and the system can be maintained. But they can’t tell us who is using those resources, or why.

The Solution

With Atrium Discovery for Storage, we gain a new perspective on our storage infrastructure. We can connect storage infrastructure to business services, and observe configuration for all of our storage platforms together. In a single report, we can view all of our storage devices, their manufacturer and model, their capacity, and all of their known pools, volumes, and connections.

It gets even better. Atrium Discovery for Storage understands the relationships between each device, storage pool, disk drive, volume – and the hosts using them. The relationships are incorporated into the familiar ADDM user interface, and each related item is clickable and reportable.

Combined with properly modeled applications and service impact models – a Datatrend specialty – we can then know with exact clarity which services and applications are utilizing which details of our storage infrastructure – down to the last byte. In fact, reports relating applications to their storage are now out-of-the-box in ADDM – it’s that easy!

But not all of your users have access to ADDM, you say? No problem! Atrium Discovery for Storage now has built-in Atrium CMDB sync modules that pass storage data discovered by ADDM directly into default CMDB classes, for a seamless transfer of data to a tool where more end-users may be more comfortable consuming that data. Atrium Discovery for Storage is a complete package, integrating information from diverse systems into a common interface, and providing that information to everyone with minimal deployment effort.

Call the Experts

Are you having trouble getting a handle on your enterprise storage? Can’t figure out what you needed all of it for in the first place, or what business value it represents? Contact Datatrend today – the ADDM experts – and let us help you deploy, implement, and realize the value of Atrium Discovery for Storage. It’s a service that pays for itself immediately! Call 800.367.7472