The BroadWorks Infrastructure Solution

The BroadWorks® Infrastructure Solution is a pre-configured, pre-tested server infrastructure designed specifically for the BroadWorks VoIP application platform that simplifies the installation and configuration of the BroadSoft® applications. This total solution from Datatrend and BroadSoft yields scalability, improved management, security, and cost-reduction advantages. The BroadWorks Infrastructure Solution delivers the features, functionality, and support that enable customers to more rapidly experience the value of BroadSoft applications. By having a “ready to go” bundle in the form of an integrated appliance, customers of BroadSoft can experience a simplified ordering and installation process, thereby reducing costs and deployment time.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

The BroadWorks Infrastructure Solution combines the benefits of industry-leading technologies with Datatrend’s unmatched deployment and implementation experience to offer a scalable and cost effective solution.

A Full Service Solution

Datatrend, along with BroadSoft, have designed and sized the BroadWorks Infrastructure Solution using standard configurations that are ideally suited for BroadSoft customers and typical configuration requirements. This results in a total solution that delivers the performance, reliability, and serviceability that BroadSoft customers expect.

Primary Benefits:

  • Easier to install, operate, and manage than a “mix and match” solution
  • Rapid deployment = Faster time to value
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Global service and support for maximum uptime and assurance
  • Reduced complexity while optimizing processing power
  • Best in class, carrier-grade technology (including DC power

>>Download a BroadSoft Infrastructure Solutions pdf

Datatrend Technologies

Datatrend is firmly committed to achieving maximum customer satisfaction in designing and implementing IT infrastructure solutions for mission-critical applications. Datatrend’s approach is to bring together dynamic, scalable infrastructure solutions built on open standards that help reduce complexity and improve the performance of both hardware and software. The result is a comprehensive solution in a single package that is cost-effective, easy to deploy, and fits the customer’s requirements precisely. Datatrend’s goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution and a worry-free deployment.


BroadWorks VoIP communications application server enables service providers to offer a comprehensive portfolio of business and consumer communications applications and value-added applications from a common network platform. BroadWorks delivers communication solutions that integrate video, fax, voice and email communications for businesses and consumers worldwide whether through IP PBX/Centrex, Mobile PBX, Business Line, Trunking or consumer solutions. BroadWorks delivers these capabilities with carrier-grade interoperability, back office functions, redundancy, and scalability.

Flex System Offers Optimization in Single Platform

Lenovo Flex System offers custom-matched components in a single system to fit your requirements and reduce operational costs. The integrated system chassis, blade servers and networking options give you pre-configured choices to match each workload for optimal performance. Consolidate your servers into one scalable platform for integration, efficiency and centralized management using xClarity to maximize your virtualized environment and resource pools.

Blade Server Technology

HP BladeSystem: Streamline and accelerate every step of IT operations — from client to cloud — by converging compute, storage, network, management and virtualization into one federated and automated infrastructure with HP BladeSystem.

Dell PowerEdge Blade Server: Compute more in less space, with less energy. Dell PowerEdge Blade servers can be key elements in reducing ever-growing power costs, and for implementing environmentally conscious IT initiatives.

Cisco Unified Computing System Blade Servers: Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers incorporate industry-standard server technologies, delivering a unified-architecture-driven solution for data centers. Our UCS design reduces complexity, both at hardware and management levels across a distributed compute environment, consolidating management across blade and rack servers within a single tool.

Rack Server Technology

Lenovo System x Rack Servers: These rack servers feature power-efficient designs, segmented workloads, and fit-for-purpose applications – perfect for your business-critical applications.

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers: Dell PowerEdge Rack Server maximize productivity while offering industry leading performance and efficiency in a rack form factor.

HP ProLiant Rack Servers: Versatile, rack-optimized servers with a balance of efficiency, performance and management, Proliant servers provide a complete infrastructure that support both your business objectives and your business growth.

Cisco Unified Computing System Rack Servers: Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers deliver unified computing in an industry-standard form factor to reduce total cost of ownership and increase agility. Each product addresses varying workload challenges through a balance of processing, memory, I/O, and internal storage resources.

Customer Support Plan

Datatrend supplements the warranties provided by the manufacturers of the appliance components. We are there for you from pre-production installation through transition into service.

Why Datatrend?

Datatrend has been designing and deploying IT infrastructure solutions since 1987. Our close partnerships and service providers mean we understand the industry and the technology. We are dedicated to being your trusted advisor to help you select the right technology and incorporate the latest innovations from BroadSoft and our partners. Furthermore, Datatrend’s fervent focus on “white glove” customer service provides for a worry-free infrastructure solution and deployment. And, our extended services capabilities provide additional value and benefits to customers.

To consult with a Datatrend representative regarding your needs,

call us now at 800.367.7472.


Key Components:

  • Intel x86 blade & rack servers
  • Customized storage solution
  • Operating system & virtualization licensing
  • Quality-assured assembly/integration and staging
  • PPre-installed & configured with the OS & hypervisor ready for BroadWorks
  • Deployment/rollout
  • Site installation/implementation


Flash Technology:

All-flash storage arrays may differ on capacity, drive type, networking options & storage-savings features, but the one thing they all do is improve performance.

  • HP 3PAR StoreServ
  • IBM Flash Systems
  • Dell SC series