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CEO’s Corner – Q2 2014

Mark WaldrepAs most of our readers know, not all of Datatrend’s offerings are affected or impacted by IBM announcements and product roadmap changes. However, the recent sale of IBM’s x86 line to Lenovo is a significant development in the marketplace and impacts a segment of Datatrend’s Technology Infrastructure Solutions (TIS) Division. I strongly feel the Lenovo acquisition will lead to more reliable & shorter product lead times, and more efficient and well-rounded product planning results, all while maintaining the strength areas of the System x line. Datatrend Director of Enterprise Solutions, Phil Turner, presents his view of this development in this issue of TrendSetter.

We all know Linux had its birthplace in x86 and that companies continue to increase their development efforts and focus with Linux and that UNIX is gradually losing market share. However, many organizations have a significant UNIX based application investment and a corresponding UNIX server footprint. IBM’s AIX and POWER took the UNIX world by storm long ago and have historically combined to deliver industry leading performance, scaling TCO, and security…especially at the enterprise level. Some might wonder about the longevity and future plans IBM has for AIX and POWER. IBM is committed to ongoing heavy investment in POWER hardware as well as AIX. Join Datatrend Technologies via webinar on May 7 as IBM Austin will co-present with us and disclose the very latest on both of these award winning platforms…including the brand new POWER 8 technology. The webinar will also include a live Q&A segment at the conclusion.

When IBM issues statements of direction and/or charts depicting intended product release dates and/or future enablement features, such plans are subject to modification/change without notice. However, IBM has a solid track record in hitting most of its projected release dates and in providing the planned product and OS features. Keeping the aforementioned caveat in mind, I am supplying (with IBM’s permission) a chart that depicts the commitment level IBM is planning with respect to AIX support and future new releases. This AIX Release Plan will be part of the May 7 Datatrend webinar discussions.

Please remember that Datatrend is willing to tailor a deep dive technical session for you and your associates, pertaining to any of our offerings, upon your request. Most of our solutions relate to IT optimization, providing extended personnel/resource bandwidth for your organization, and providing the appropriate subject matter experts needed to realize key/priority project and implementation goals.

Per my opening comments, many of Datatrend’s offerings are not impacted by IBM. In this quarter’s edition of TrendSetter, Bill Roberts provides an update on HSIA and Warner Schlais overviews Datatrend’s network management solutions leveraging Entuity. The Entuity offering nicely complements all of the other Datatrend enterprise solutions and fosters further collaboration by and between Datatrend Network Services and Datatrend Technology Services in our never ending quest to deliver the most value to our end user and trading partner clients. I hope you enjoy this issue of TrendSetter.


Mark Waldrep
CEO, Datatrend Technologies