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CEO’s Corner – Q3 2013

Mark WaldrepThis coming August 6, IBM is slated to release a variety of product announcements which will include new Power offerings, features and enhancements. The announcement set will include a variety of new PureFlex system updates including new I/O options, several new compute nodes, a new version of PowerHA System Mirror (both standard and enterprise editions), a Linux only Power server model and a host of other product releases.

As an aid to our customers and alliance partners, Datatrend will digest the announcements via a webinar on August 7. Datatrend will team with the IBM Austin lab in this webinar which will include a briefing that will cover the details and provide the intended benefits when one leverages any of the new offerings. This webinar will have content appropriate for IT leadership, AIX system administrators, capacity planners and architects. There will be a comprehensive LIVE Q&A session included during the webinar.

IBM continues to tout Power’s performance and TCO leadership. Their latest benchmark win came at the expense of Oracle/Sun where IBM’s Power 780 supported 147% of the users using 20 less cores (compared to SunFire) for Three Tier SAP SD.

If your organization is looking for creative financing solutions, Datatrend Technologies has an array of lease, finance and rental programs. In addition, we partner with IBM Global Financing to combine their programs with our customized infrastructure solutions that yields the best possible alignment with both IT project requirements and the budget reality. There is no elevation in rate or any additional fees working with Datatrend to provide IGF leasing or financing; in fact the end result is a total solution that is as tailored to specific client needs as anything available on the market today.

For a limited time there is a 0% financing program available on IBM software, storage and Power. Competitive buy back solutions are available when one wants to replace non-IBM products with Power, System x, PureFlex and PureSystems solutions.

There is a host of scenarios where clients can acquire Power Systems from Datatrend with a zero percent financing rate in certain lease constructs including full payout loans. Please see your Datatrend account manager for more details or drop me a line at

Many are talking about big data and certainly businesses desiring to enhance competitiveness are challenging lines of business and information technology to collaborate on developing priorities as well as in determining the best way to derive intended informational goals that will hit the mark on stated objectives. Most organizations have initiatives around greater analysis of customer information and trends. Executive leadership intuitively understands the benefits accrued in properly dealing with big data, especially with customer analytics and predictive analytics. What stands in the way for some is the lack of collaboration by and between the right internal groups and the skills and experience needed to provide the results. While just about everyone has made progress in crunching information and delivering some form of results, those that are ahead of the curve will gain a significant advantage over the competition. Furthermore, total cost of solution ownership/budgets are a reality most have to contend with and many only have one shot each year to get it right. Datatrend continues to host webinars and other events designed to assist organizations in putting the right pieces together that form solutions that are affordable and that deliver. Check out our Events page for REPLAYS of recent events…as well as a list of upcoming seminars focused on big data and related supporting solutions.

The term big data is getting to a point of being overused and many in executive leadership associate big data with big costs. One of the best ways to contain costs is to get the right people with the right information and skills involved in the project discussions early on. Developing the right approach to tackle both structured and unstructured data and creating depictions of costs and timelines (to realize stated goals) is critical to internally selling the value of such initiatives. New challenges will inevitably develop in concert with undertaking big data projects. One such example involves copy data. Datatrend has partnered with Actifio to tackle this challenge, so check out the replay of our recent webinar.

For those of you that acquire previously owned/refurbished IT hardware, be aware of counterfeit material allegedly coming out of China. Some reports specifically point to the IBM 3588-F4A tape drive being the subject of counterfeiter efforts with several victims here in the United States collectively losing several million dollars. One source of this information stated that, curiously, the FBI has not applied much effort in tracking down the perpetrators. If you are suspicious about the legitimacy of IT products, contact the ASCDI or drop me an email at

Every October, in support of breast cancer awareness month, Datatrend sponsors a Bowlathon to support the Pay It Forward Fund to assist families impacted by the disease. Since the event will have passed by the time the 4th quarter edition of TrendSetter is released, I wanted to call everyone’s attention to this event now. The Datatrend Bowlathon raises money for victims of Breast Cancer by accepting donations for those who wish to bowl with us, and for those who just want to pledge. Find out more and register for this event while helping a great cause.

I hope you enjoy this issue of TrendSetter. Your requests to bring any of our solutions or webinars to your location in the form of a live presentation fielded by a Datatrend SME…are always welcome!


Mark Waldrep
CEO Datatrend Technologies