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CEO’s Corner – Q3 2014

Mark WaldrepMany of us (our organizations) have a calendar fiscal year. For the readers that fall into this category, you are no doubt familiar with the process of capital expenditure budget review, approval processes, and the finalization of department budgets for the upcoming year. This effort has likely just concluded or will be soon. Some look at the budget review and approval process as monotonous at best and most often distasteful and/or frustrating.

Corporate culture has an impact on how realistic and how adequate budget setting ultimately is for a given area of the business. Certainly the more balanced input is by and between line of business, finance, and information technology leadership (as an example), the more likely the eventually approved budget will be sufficient.

Whether it be line of business or information technology leadership, the department or division manager best armed with sound business cases and ROI depictions to support specific budget elements/requests will often be the best prepared and the most fulfilled going into and coming out of the budget review and approval process. One would think that the mere existence of passion for a budget cause would suggest that the due diligence preparation needed to realize the eventual goal of budget approval…would be in place. However, typical workload/bandwidth realities often lead to a compromised effort to develop the degree of sound business case justification the given manager would be exceptionally proud of.

Part of Datatrend’s value delivery system is geared to assist information technology professionals and to augment the research and resources they need to develop the best possible ROI depictions and related business cases. We often provide this assistance at no cost leveraging appropriate subject matter experts, capacity planners, architects and more….all in the quest of being the best we can be for our customers. However, to be truly effective, we need adequate discovery and collaboration time.

For those with a calendar fiscal year, early 4th quarter is the time to wrap up analysis needed for next year’s projects and to conclude the business cases needed for expanded budgets or specific special initiatives. Datatrend’s best success stories all have as a common denominator a client sponsor (whether an end user, ISV or alliance partner) willing to plan out the time for requirements review, project objectives, identification of risk elements, review of corporate standards, skill gap review and more. If you have not used Datatrend in this capacity or to the material degree highlighted herein, you are not taking full advantage of our commitment to invest in you and your company. Please contact any of our division presidents to find out more (Charlie Cox-TIS, Bill Roberts-NS, and Warner Schlais-TS). I hope you enjoy this issue of TrendSetter and that you think about how to challenge Datatrend to make a positive difference for you in 2014.


Mark Waldrep
CEO, Datatrend Technologies