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CEO’s Corner – Q3 2015

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If your organization has many points of presence (retail store chain, bank branches, restaurant chain, hotel chain, bottling plants, healthcare facilities, etc.) please consider Datatrend Technologies for your next significant technology-oriented rollout.

A rollout project might be as simple as adding a few wireless access points at each location…or as complex as rolling out a new server with software, running structured cabling, ensuring that all connectivity is terminated/tested/verified and an agreed upon set of installation services performed.

Some of the advantages Datatrend has over competition with respect to multi-site initiatives include:

  1. We cover every zip code in the USA, every postal code in Canada, and much of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.
  2. We will collaborate with you in advance of the rollout with respect to the server supporting solution stack and identify which software components should be preloaded onto the server and how the stack should be provisioned/tuned prior to ever being shipped to the installation site (thus taking tasks out of the critical path).
  3. Also by virtue of advance collaboration, we will detail out the on-site installation process inclusive of the complete connection/go-live set of procedures related to server and/or point of sale device, potential new cable runs and perhaps much more.
  4. We have the application literacy, infrastructure knowledge and network services experience to be a one stop partner that minimizes project risk for you while also enabling you to benefit from economies of scale when you leverage the expertise of all three Datatrend divisions.

Why enlist a tangled web of multiple vendors when Datatrend can do it all for you and is willing to invest in the partnership with you via white boarding sessions, capacity planning, architecting the solution and hammering a detailed set of project process procedures months ahead of the rollout commencement? We will even help you undertake a proof of concept and/or pilot to prove out the anticipated project rollout process set so as to further minimize project risk. Contact your Datatrend account manager for more information or drop me a line at


Mark Waldrep
CEO, Datatrend Technologies