CEO Vision

CEO’s Corner – Q4 2014

Mark Waldrep

If you have a need or desire for more IT products and services that exceed the remainder of your 2014 budget consider financing or leasing. Datatrend Technologies offers an array of financial services options.

For shorter term needs, like test validation projects, consider a true operating lease where you can obtain off balance sheet financing. You can expense the monthly rentals and not be obligated to pay for the full cost of the products and only pay for the fractional time of actual usage.

For large projects or higher ticket items, remember that Datatrend provides the ability to finance your hardware, software, and services costs at very competitive rates.

If your company supports franchise operations, we want to share with you our ability to provide leasing and financial services directly to those ownership groups without the requirement that your company guarantee the debt service.

For the 4th quarter of 2014, several of the manufacturers are offering financing incentives and are leasing specific classes of equipment and software (of which Datatrend facilitates the transaction, process all of the paperwork, etc.). For example, if you are interested in POWER 7 plus or the new POWER 8 solutions, zero percent financing is available over a 24 month term for specific workloads. Regardless of the workload type, there are a variety of zero percent financing incentives for POWER and storage products as well as very aggressive leasing program incentives to upgrade to new technology. There is also a program feature that provides buy back options for your older technology. Some programs are in place for the 4th quarter where you can combine hardware, software, and services at very low interest rates and in some cases at zero percent.

Should you have questions about financing and/or leasing feel free to contact me personally at or contact your Datatrend representative.

And finally, October is breast cancer awareness month and Datatrend is hosting a Bowl-a-thon fundraiser to help support those fighting breast cancer. There are several ways to participate and we would greatly appreciate your consideration of this event


Mark Waldrep
CEO, Datatrend Technologies