CEO Vision

CEO’s Corner – Q2 2015

Mark Waldrep

Only so much time can be allocated for IT personnel training and education. Furthermore, budgets for education too often fall short.

Datatrend Technologies might be able to assist your organization in stretching education and training dollars. I want to cover three ways this can be accomplished:

  1. Collaborate with your Datatrend team so that we can better understand what skill gaps need addressing and what training and education is most needed. Education and training incentives periodically materialize but are not well publicized. These incentives are offered by hardware and software manufacturers and typically are tied to volume purchase trend data. Datatrend can advocate for our clients and obtain educational credits/dollars prior to order placement of certain infrastructure solutions.
  2. Capacity planners and IT architects don’t have time to attend all of the ramp-up briefings they would ideally like to take advantage of. For over two decades, Datatrend has assessed the needs and desires of capacity planners and architects so that briefings hit the mark relative to content, are conveniently delivered to their location, and are presented leveraging top gun subject matter experts. Furthermore, such briefings can be precisely tuned in advance with specific solution stacks in mind, taking into consideration corporate standards, corporate IT brand preferences, known issues and initiative objectives. Post-briefing event services can include assistance with ROI/business case construction.
  3. In some cases, the cost of education can be reduced in scenarios where an IT organization may be switching to a new corporate standard. Datatrend can advocate for clients and effectively reduce costs of education prior to placing the given infrastructure solution on order with the manufacturer or software vendor.

As you enter into the next series of planning activities with your Datatrend team (no matter how new you might be as a client), make mention of this article. Furthermore, when engaged via a billable services SOW, Datatrend can tailor the implementation scope to facilitate members of the IT team to observe the given implementation or other types of services work in the quest to have real hands on experience.


Mark Waldrep
CEO, Datatrend Technologies