Data Center Automation

Data Center Automation – The Benefits

IT managers everywhere deal with being overstretched and under-resourced. At some point, the demands being put on them are too much to handle and something has to give. As technology continues to permeate just about every pore of business, the fact remains that if something doesn’t change, this over-stretching is going to continue to take place. The good news is they are easy changes to implement like Data Center Automation.

These solutions allow you to completely streamline your IT operations while provisioning your servers and applications in a way that can free up extremely valuable IT resource time. The uses of data center automation are plentiful, ranging from cataloging and tracking IT infrastructure to helping enforce best practices and change management processes. Automation benefits also include:

  • Serious cost reduction by automating day-to-day operations and shifting funding to more strategic initiatives
  • Increased availability by following best practices for change and configuration management and by standardizing builds and configurations at the time of deployment.
  • Improved change life-cycle management — from incident to resolution, while setting priorities for changes and seeing the impact before a change is made.

There is an extremely good chance that data center automation can revolutionize the way your IT department and IT managers budget their time and resources, and your entire company can reap the benefits. Datatrend specializes in HP Data Center Automation and provides complete and comprehensive automation solutions. Everything from the configuration to the license acquisition to the eventual software support can be provided and assisted.

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