Datatrend Data Quality Program

Written by Warner Schlais, President, Technology Services, Datatrend Technologies, Inc.

Datatrend is pleased to provide its customers with a new product offering: Datatrend Data Quality Program. Many customers struggle maintaining data quality in their environment, while providing ADDM data as information to their company. There are many things that can happen during the course of day to day activity that can create data disconnects and result in bad or missing data.
Data Quality Program
Data quality needs to be managed on a daily basis to assure all ADDM data is current and accurate. A common ‘root cause’ of data availability issues can be a ‘diversion’ from a default group or user privilege which prevents the discovery user account from gaining access to a file/folder/command/registry etc… The resolution process of the Data Quality Program would detect these incidents and then refer them back to whoever manages the compliancy around account and group management.

Activities that cause data issues are many. The result of these issues if not corrected is the system of record, counted on by the business, is incorrect. It starts to atrophy and decay, and can no longer be trusted. This is a huge issue from an internal controls standpoint, and can result in compliance and security issues as well.

Datatrend Data Quality Program will keep your data accurate and timely. Datatrend knows where to look for quality issues, and can quickly remediate them, keeping information timely and accurate. We offer this as a run service add on for customers currently having Datatrend provide ongoing run services for them. You can also start with a health check, where we provide data health as part of our ADDM assessment.

Datatrend has unprecedented experience in Data Quality Program management through analysis, management and remediation. We bring with us the tools, the skills, the procedures, along with guidance and experience to:

  • Help you analyze and realize your most valuable auto-discovered data.
  • Find out where the data issues are hiding.
  • Implement a number of pre-fabricated tools, solutions and enablement features that will ensure a quick-start and fast turnaround in building an integrated process that includes the right internal people and the right internal processes.
  • Provide training and awareness in the importance of Data Quality. Why is it so important? How is it affecting day to day business? What potential does it have if you are managing it efficiently and utilizing it properly?
  • Provide training and awareness in problem identification and remediation. How to identify issues, how to fix issues, how to prevent issues via best practices. These ‘issues’ usually take form in one of three types: Absent, Incorrect or Correct but Incompatible.
  • Provide consultancy on potentially valuable data that you don’t currently have because you don’t have a solution in place to get it? Perhaps there’s some small attributes missing from your current discovered data set that could add potentially large value to your current processes? We have experience in building a quick understanding of what data is valuable and why. So the next logical step after improving the existing data is to ask what additional data would add value.
  • We can provide advice on how to leverage Data Quality initiatives against initiatives for improving infrastructure standards and normalization.

We bring the following:

  • A logical set of procedures defined by an easy to implement, easy to follow workflow.
  • An accurate set of management, technical and methodological definitions that fit into the program’s framework. Some common definitions are Data Quality Issue Type, Data Quality Item Type, Data Quality Resolution Type, and Data Quality Priority Type.
  • A pre-developed (but flexible) range of tools that both utilize and facilitate the above items.


  • A range of template documentation (procedural, flowcharts, RACI Matrix, best practice guidelines, terminology, questionnaires, SLAs etc.).
  • A Data Quality Management portal – A design that can be used as a standalone management portal or can be integrated into the organization’s incident management system.
  • Reports and Dashboards for Data Quality Management reporting.
  • TKU – Pattern Management and Overrides.
  • Extended Solutions to augment current data items.
  • Maintenance Solutions to maintain data quality standards – A pre-developed (but flexible) range of tools that both utilize and facilitate the above items.

Datatrend would be pleased to provide an assessment of your data quality, and propose a solution that suits your needs. We know where to look to find issues and can quickly provide you with an assessment as to what is needed to keep your data at an acceptable quality level.

For more information on Datatrend’s Data Quality Program or other Technology Services offerings, please contact Warner Schlais at