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Entuity Network Management Solution bolsters IT Infrastructure Assessment Portfolio

We recently announced our partnership with Entuity, a leading global provider of enterprise-class network management solutions, expanding Datatrend’s portfolio of IT infrastructure assessment and optimization services. Networks are key to high-availability operations, and Entuity provides comprehensive network management capabilities to enable always-on enterprise IT service delivery.

Entuity is the ideal enterprise class network management alternative to multiple, disparate, un-integrated, network tools at one end of the spectrum, and expensive, high-maintenance, decades old platform solutions at the other. Entuity has been acclaimed by analysts and customers alike for its rapid installation, fast time-to-expertise, immediate return on investment, and ease of management and administration. Entuity empowers network managers to take charge of their networks with unrivaled enterprise-class management capabilities. In addition, Entuity makes virtually all collected data easily accessible by other applications and can be readily integrated with other management tools with minimal time and effort.

Join Entuity and Datatrend for our upcoming Webinar on July 16, 2014, at 10 AM CDT: “9 Signs That Your Network Management Software Isn’t Managing”

WEBINAR: 9 Signs That Your Network Management Software Isn’t Managing

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Watch a 2 Minute Overview of the Entuity Network Management Solution: