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HITEC Show Features Hospitality WiFi and Passive Optical Network Solutions

Members of Datatrend’s Network Services team were in Los Angeles, CA, to attend and exhibit in at the HITEC conference, held by HFTP (Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals). Datatrend showcased how hospitality management can deliver superior guest experiences (leading to high guest ratings), and facilitate operational capabilities and service opportunities, through strong WiFi and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) implementations; they also highlighted the benefits of high performance Passive Optical Networks (PON).

WiFi is a Primary Guest Demand and an Opportunity for Service Delivery and Ratings

Hospitality WiFi and Passive Optical Network SolutionsAcross business and liesure travelers, hotel guests are  bringing multiple devices and high expectations for strong WiFi signals and HSIA.  According to Fox News, “86% of guests expect free WiFi, so paying steep WiFi charges at checkout could put a damper on a guest’s entire hotel experience.” In addition to access, guests expect the speed, dependability, and security they experience on their office or home networks.

Well planned and implemented network cabling infrastructure enables quality HSIA guest experiences,  delivering on bandwidth requirements of multiple devices per occupied room, conference and event WiFi for large groups, and Point of Sale (POS) systems to for responsive guest service everywhere from the front lobby to the poolside bar. Beyond the guest experience, HSIA and WiFi enable a range of operational capabilities, spanning hotel security systems, environmental controls, and cloud based Property Management Systems (PMS). Check out the recent Datatrend Trendsetter newsletter article, “How does your WiFi Rate?” for more detail.

Passive Optical Networks offer the Performance of Fiber to the Guest Room

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PONs (Passive Optical  Networks) offer particularly attractive performance, efficiency and TCO advantages. The PON point-to-multipoint, fiber-to-the-user network architecture employs unpowered optical splitters that enable a single strand of singlemode optical fiber to serve multiple users, reducing the amount of physical cable and active equipment in an installation. What this means for hospitality facility and IT management is high speed network service delivered with reduced materials and energy consumption.


Hospitality WiFi and passive optical network have the potential to affect a property’s bottom line. Implementing a structured cabling solution that is optimized for HSIA avoids the damage that negative guest experiences or subpar operations have on a property’s revenue. As technology continues to evolve, a sound network infrastructure allows property networks the flexibility to support the integration of new technologies and increasing demands.

If you’re attending the HITEC show this week, please stop by the booth to say hi and learn more about WiFi, HSIA and PON from the Datrend team. You can aslo request a consultation here.

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