How to Make Tivoli Work for You

IBM Tivoli Software helps clients optimize the value of their business infrastructures and technology assets enabling greater visibility, control and automation across their end-to-end business operations. Tivoli enables organizations of all sizes and industries to run smarter, more efficiently and with greater agility.

Tivoli is a very large and diverse product portfolio, so time and space don’t permit an exhaustive rendering of how to get the most of your investments in Tivoli technology. Rather, the focus here is around the monitoring and job scheduling suites in the Tivoli portfolio.

Monitoring: Tivoli Monitoring helps organizations identify and fix bottlenecks.outages that threaten key applications before they impact customer satisfaction. These products proactively help you optimize IT infrastructure performance and availability.

Job Scheduling: Tivoli Workload Scheduler helps businesses establish a workload automation methodology across the enterprise and in accordance with business policies. It can manage hundreds of thousands of workloads a day all from a single point of control.

Like most middleware, Tivoli is incredibly powerful, but it needs the application of best practices and configuration/customization into your unique environment (cookie cutter approaches rarely work). So how do you make it work for you specifically?

Getting some Tivoli consulting assistance is worth considering. As we all know, not all consulting is the same. Selecting the right Tivoli services provider, one who offers practical help with unique skills that add value to your business, makes all the difference.

How to Make Tivoli Work for You:

  • Technical staff augmentation – where Tivoli consulting experts work side by side with your IT team (but ask them where else they have done this successfully)
  • Top talent – customized IT staff augmentation for “hard to find” resource needs (short term or long term)
  • Business focused – Tivoli services that align IT with the business to improve performance, reduce costs, and enable reallocation of resources to more productive endeavors
  • Knowledge transfer – teaching your team best practices for Tivoli implementations, upgrades, and maintenance

All of these – done right and with forethought – can add tangible value and give you your money’s worth. Don’t contract for Tivoli services until you are convinced it will save you time and/or money.

So when you are looking for IT staffing solutions around Tivoli technologies like monitoring and job scheduling, be sure you determine your end goals and interview a number of Tivoli consulting providers who can prove to you that the Tivoli services they deliver are exactly what you need and result in real benefits – such as improving performance, avoiding service disruptions, and improving your return on assets.

One more thing… Make sure your Tivoli consulting provider is easy to work with, nimble, responsive, and offers some sort of guarantee. It may sound like common sense, but not asking these questions can make the difference between success and failure.