Flash V840

IBM Storage Announcement Features Enhanced Solutions for Big Data Analytics, Data Center Efficiencies and Hybrid Cloud

IBM storage announcement on Oct 6th – new features and updates across much of it’s portfolio that will help clients accelerate business insights and efficiently store massive amounts of data in the cloud with IBM software defined and optimized storage solutions:

Grab the microsecond advantage:

  • IBM FlashSystem V840 provides up to 2X improved performance for data reduction when compared to previous generation.
  • Unprecedented application acceleration and database access, plus mixed workload capabilities
  • IBM FlashSystem is ranked #1 by Gartner for all-flash solid state arrays (SSA)

Improve infrastructure agility to drive growth:

  •  IBM Storwize V7000 Family offers up to 2x throughput with Real-time Compression and 50% greater max capacity with new 6TB drives.

Create an integrated infrastructure greater than the sum of its parts:

  • Elastic Storage software-defined storage reduces costs by 80% with improved operational efficiency and global sharing.
  • IBM is ranked #1 in Software Defined Storage, based on IDC 2Q2014 Software QView report

Review the highlights of the October 6 launch or contacts us at Datatrend Technologies to discuss how we can optimize your storage infrastructure.