IBM Storwize V7000 Data Storage System Has Powerful New Features

In today’s world of big data and resource constraints, navigating the complex waters of storage management is a significant challenge facing many businesses. Previous methods for procuring and managing storage are becoming obsolete, forcing organizations to implement cost effective data storage solutions aimed at increasing efficiencies.

To increase storage efficiency, many IT organizations look to consolidation, virtualization, and automated data tiering to reduce capital and operational expenses. They need a data storage solution that can leverage these approaches and become part of the organization’s information infrastructure – plus be easily deployable and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Enter the IBM Storwize V7000. It has become known as a comprehensive solution for any organization’s storage needs. This flexible data storage solution combines hardware and software components into a storage system that improves efficiency by providing a single point of control.

Current Features of IBM Storwize V7000

A combination of cutting-edge technologies makes the IBM Storwize V7000 an unsurpassed system poised to handle IT infrastructure complexities and future growth.

Noteworthy technological features of the IBM Storwize V7000 include:

  • The ability to support flexibility and enhanced performance via built-in solid state drives (SSDs)
  • A simplified integration through non-disruptive data migration from existing data storage systems
  • An intuitive and powerful GUI for fast and efficient provisioning
  • Improved storage efficiency with advanced features like: storage virtualization, replication, clustering, multi-protocol support, and automated tiering

This feature-rich system helps organizations mitigate storage risks associated with: storage growth and management costs, disruptive migrations, inability to virtualize storage, reduced productivity, and issues with tiered storage deployments.

There is a version of the solution that is a unified storage system (which means it consolidates block-based and file-based access into one system) called the Storwize V7000 Unified. It provides a single resource for provisioning and managing storage (both block and file) and makes it easy and quick to provision storage in virtual environments. It also can easily cope with changing requirements (SAN to NAS or vice versa).

I should also point out that the Storwize V7000 is integrated into the IBM PureFlex System (the new family of expert integrated computing systems).

New Features

IBM Real-time Compression is the newest technology integrated into the Storwize V7000. This feature allows up to five times as much data storage in the same physical disk space by compressing data up to 80 percent. IBM’s Real-time Compression is unique in that it is designed to be used with active primary data such as production databases and email applications. This feature increases the available data that benefits from compression since it is not only archived data being compressed.

Another significant feature is that data written to the disk is compressed immediately. This means that uncompressed data pending post-processing is not wasted in storage.

The benefits these new features associated with IBM Real-time Compression offer are unparalleled. The ability to compress real-time data within an IT environment enhances network efficiency and reduces the cost of additional hardware, rack space, and energy consumption.

The new features of the Storwize V7000 make this a highly capable and efficient next-generation data storage infrastructure system that will increase organizational efficiencies and reduce operating expenses.

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