Office & Property Management

From WiFi hotspots, to voice privacy systems, to wireless POS and self-service kiosks —technology is changing the way you do business. Properly deployed, these technologies can serve as a competitive advantage, improving your operational efficiencies, services, customer experiences and ultimately your bottom line.

Understanding Your Challenges and Requirements
New technology deployments require competent planning and design, well-orchestrated
project management of resources, responsive and respectful services delivery, and – of course –
completion on time and on budget. With your bottom line and customer experience at stake, you
can’t afford to take any risks. And that’s why business offices and property management companies choose Datatrend.

Property Management & IT Management
Datatrend helps manage IT design, deployments, moves/adds/changes (MACs), technology upgrades and other IT enablement services for 100’s to 1000’s of locations. We serve as an operations and services partner for standards-based and customer-service driven IT capabilities for property management.

Please contact us or call 800.367.7472 to explore how we can optimize IT solutions to address needs and opportunities in your market.