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WEBINAR REPLAY: 9 Signs That Your Network Management Software Isn’t Managing

Held: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Featured Speakers: Datatrend Technologies and Entuity

Pete BartzPete-Bartz
Field Solutions Engineer, Entuity

Pete brings to Entuity over twenty-five years of management experience in a wide variety of areas including networking, IT, data center, Java development, IT architecture, business services, and disaster recovery. Prior to joining Entuity, Pete served as a network manager for the University of Minnesota supporting one of the US’s largest private wireless networks.

John DiamondJohn-Diamond
Principal Solutions Architect, Entuity

John is the Principal Solutions Architect at Entuity for the all-in-one Entuity Network Management product. He is responsible for understanding the customer needs to uncover opportunities for creating product enhancements, providing technical direction, product planning and development of two full Entuity product releases per year. John is also a technical liaison to several of the company’s strategic US customers.

Is your Network Management System (NMS) complex, manual and time consuming? You may not be performing at your business’ best interest, thus not getting the most from your IT assets. In this webinar, Datatrend Technologies and Entuity have join together to share some of the warning signs that an unmanaged NMS can pose and how to get the most from your IT assets.

Automate your topology. Trust your data. Connect the dots with Network Management Software.

About Datatrend and Entuity:

Datatrend and Entuity have partnered to bring you Datatrend’s infrastructure assessment and optimization services which help enterprise IT organizations gain control of and manage their IT environment, leveraging tools such as Entuity for networks and complementing BMC software used in the data center environment.

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