Wifi Standards

New WiFi Standards Emerging to Meet Mobile Device Demand

Why businesses should look at newer 5 GHz 802.11ac networks for their WLANs.

In our BYOD mobile-enabled world, multiple devices – phones, phablets, tablets and laptops – need to have Internet speeds fast enough for users to be productive, especially at your place of business. It’s estimated that 60 percent of American adults use smartphones alone. With these expanded wireless devices and applications, how does corporate WiFi keep up with the demand?

In our latest TrendSetter newsletter post, “There’s a new WiFi Standard in Town… and it’s F-A-S-T,” Bill Roberts, President of Network Services at Datatrend, discusses how WiFi is handling the demand for corporate networks, as well as the changes being made to provide consistently faster wireless activity. He also addresses when and how organizations should migrate to faster, enhanced networks like the 5 GHz band 802.11ac networks for their WLANs.

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