OpenPower Foundation Draws Google and 25 Other Power Players to Innovate on IBM POWER Processor

On Wednesday, at the Open Innovation Summit, IBM announced significant advances in the OpenPower Foundation, an open development community dedicated to accelerating data center innovation. The collaboration of 26 technology companies to date – chaired by Google and including Micron, nvidia, Altera, Mellanox , Samsung and Unbuntu, among others – is building an ecosystem around the IBM POWER processor, with input and shared development on the processors, system-on-chip designs, accelerators and interfaces. Google, is looking at the newest release, Power8, as a solution for optimized components to deliver high performance in large, scale-out warehouse computing environments, while managing total cost of ownership (TCO). IBM recently opened up for licensing its proprietary Power® processors, which provide an alternative to Intel (x86) chips and offer some very compelling performance advantages for those who adopt the processing architecture.

YouTube Video: 4/23/14 Open Innovation Summit announcements on OpenPower Foundation innovation around IBM Power Systems

IBM also shared a sneak peek at the new Power8 servers release, to be officially launched on Monday, April 28th, in the “Open innovation to put data to work” virtual event in conjunction with IBM Impact2014. The new IBM Power8 release brings a 4x performance multiple, the most significant leap in performance since POWER 4 in 2001, with 5 different servers tuned for optimal data center workload performance, whether running AIX or Linux operating systems, ideally suited for big data analytics processing demands. We encourage you to register to check out the IBM Power8 announcement starting Monday. Here’s a brief video preview of the event and announcement.

AIX-webinarMay7We invite you to join Datatrend and IBM in the May 7th Power and AIX Webinar to get closer look at the Power8 announcement and some perspective on its implications in the market and for enterprise computing, whether running AIX or Linux on Power. We’ll help simplify and interpret the many aspects of this exciting announcement. Register for 5/7/2014 Datrend and IBM Power Systems Webinar today.

In a Wall Street Journal article,“Tom Rosamilia, a senior vice president in IBM’s systems and technology group, said the company had spent $2.4 billion over three years developing the Power8 chips and systems. He said Power8 is anywhere from two to 10 times faster than predecessor IBM chips, depending on the computing job.”

Google shared it’s vision for OpenPower in a recent EnterpriseTech article: “Google has always considered itself an innovation leader in platform technology. We have built our data centers around that innovation and we have always pushed innovation at the platform level. We looked at OpenPower as an opportunity to launch a third generation of warehouse-scale computing, to break down the barriers that exist between the components – the whole is really greater than the sum of its parts – and to really fix those bottlenecks that exist between the different components of the system: networking, memory subsystems, I/O subsystems, storage subsystems. We are looking to advance that, and we believe that we are technology leaders to steer that.