Taking IT beyond
A Data Center

The Type of Data Center Consulting You Really Need

Data center consulting is a term that means many things to different people. In general, there is often a negative connotation to the term “consulting” (read, dime a dozen), and “data center” is both a concrete and an abstract concept.

For the purposes of this post, I am referring to data center in the abstract, meaning the services that are delivered to the line of business daily and the underlying IT assets (servers, storage, applications, etc.) which make it happen.

But more importantly, what types of “data center consulting” are really worth investing in, and what can you expect to derive in terms of tangible benefits to your organization?

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IBM Storwize v7000

IBM Storwize V7000 Data Storage System Has Powerful New Features

IBM Storwize v7000In today’s world of big data and resource constraints, navigating the complex waters of storage management is a significant challenge facing many businesses. Previous methods for procuring and managing storage are becoming obsolete, forcing organizations to implement cost effective data storage solutions aimed at increasing efficiencies.

To increase storage efficiency, many IT organizations look to consolidation, virtualization, and automated data tiering to reduce capital and operational expenses. They need a data storage solution that can leverage these approaches and become part of the organization’s information infrastructure – plus be easily deployable and adaptable to changing circumstances.

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BMC Consulting

Applying Best Practices to Drive Maximum ROI from BMC Technologies

IT infrastructure is a complex web of integrated servers, operating systems, applications, hardware devices and much more. Managing and even comprehending the makeup and interrelationships of an organization’s IT assets can be mind-numbing and overwhelming.

Savvy IT leaders need effective IT asset management, and many organizations turn to BMC technologies to help them. But customers really do not want tools and technology … they want outcomes facilitated by the effective delivery of IT services. IT professionals – including architects, service managers, change managers, and executives – need a thorough understanding of how to ensure ongoing, reliable, and cost-effective IT service delivery.

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Cloud computer and architecture platform

Datatrend on Cloud Computing: Part 3

>A transition to cloud computing allows companies strategic advantages not realized by traditional IT service models.  Conceptually, cloud computing is relatively straight-forward; however, understanding how cloud computing solutions are implemented can be quite complex.  In this post we will build on the foundation of the previous two posts (Datatrend on Cloud Computing-Part 1 and Datatrend on Cloud Computing-Part 2) and examine a high level private cloud implementation by a real customer.

Informational Overview

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Buying online

4 Keys to a Successful Financial Services Structured Cabling Project

The Financial Services industry is primarily focused on customer service and providing sound investment opportunities for customers.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t complementing your client’s goals and aspirations with investments that meet their needs, they’re likely to find a provider that will. With all your energy on clients, industry regulations, and new products and services, little time is usually spent thinking about IT infrastructure.

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