Business Application Modeling

Business Application Modeling Benefits

One of the keys to an optimized database is the creation of an accurate database model. This is where business application modeling is extremely valuable. Business application modeling is the creation of a database model which provides an overview of the current database. In many cases, this model can be automatically updated.

Not everyone has this capability and this is where BMC consulting (such as discovery and dependency mapping with BMC ADDM) comes into play. Through discovery and mapping coupled with business application modeling, users can track IT infrastructure dependencies, reduce a data center’s risk and simplify IT infrastructure management.

Armed with this important information, IT associates can employ BMC ADDM to manage:

  • Data quality
  • Change control
  • Application availability
  • Data center optimization
  • Data center virtualization
  • Data center standardization

The “ADDM” in BMC ADDM stands for BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping. With this powerful tool, a BMC consulting professional can quickly draw a precise map of a company’s IT infrastructure.

And the map is detailed. Companies can understand the dependencies between:

  • Servers
  • Applications
  • Switches
  • Software
  • Operating systems
  • Configuration files and logs

The map includes clear dashboards, change intelligence, and dependency graphs. The system can provide real-time reports to help trouble shoot and make key IT infrastructure decisions.

Information from a BMC consulting engagement can help companies apply business application modeling, which in turn helps IT departments develop a deep understanding of the application and the infrastructure around it, and then set the stage for real bottom-line benefits.

It’s vital to understand the structure, components, dependencies, and communications of the application. IT associates generally create “patterns” to recognize applications based on rules the IT associates define; the next step is to create a representation of these in a data store. Visualization is key—and a key to successful business application modeling.

Clients who leverage BMC consulting services to optimize BMC ADDM quickly realize significant IT infrastructure savings. Companies can remove outdated servers, reduce energy usage, decrease repair time, cut downtime, and enjoy fully automated audits. Companies no longer need to document IT infrastructure manually—saving precious IT man hours. Coupled with business application modeling, companies can also benefit from standardization, virtualization, and optimization of IT infrastructure. Internal and external customers also benefit from a significantly improved user experience.

BMC consulting can be time consuming if it’s not organized efficiently and without using the right approach—and tools. The goal of effective BMC consulting services is simple: Provide clients with maximum delivery speed augmented by full utilization of resources.

Want to take full advantage of business application modeling? Datatrend’s BMC consulting experts provide clients with a portfolio of BMC ADDM services and applications.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    While you are using BMC ADDM what type of information do you map from clients?

    Including BMC BBCA what informatios more you can get?

    Many thanks,


  2. Hello, Samuel. Thank you for the inquiry. I see that PBTI is in the same kind of business as Datatrend. Using ADDM allows one to map application dependencies within the IT estate and then leverage that information to look at things like application availability, change control, data quality for CMDB, etc. as well as look for opportunities for standardization, consolidation, virtualization, and the like. BBCA (BladeLogic Client Automation) can help with the client level regarding opportunities for optimizing patch management and software compliance issues, to name but a couple. So that information can be mapped/modeled as well. Are you looking for a partner firm like Datatrend who might have some expertise/capabilities to help you and your clients? – Darren

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