How a Data Center Assessment Can Save You Money

Data Center AssesmentIf a business is a body then perhaps you could say that while network cabling might be the veins, employees might be the fingers, and sales people might be the voice.  The brain, however, will always be the data center.  Nowhere else does the core of what makes everything run reside, and nowhere else does it need to be stable, secure and most importantly, ready.  As business demands are constantly growing and data center managers are having to deal with, check on and control every in and out of a data center’s performance, the need for a well-tuned and perfectly running system is higher than ever. It is here that the old adage “what they don’t know can’t hurt them” couldn’t be further off.  Not knowing can cost not only a great deal of time and efficiency, but a lot of money in the long run too.

With a proper data center assessment, every aspect of your data center is thoroughly analyzed, assessed and checked for any areas of possible improvement or upgrading.  The servers are checked with a fine-tooth comb to determine if they are running at the most cost-effective and powerful levels possible.  Equally important is the identification of all physical and virtual IT assets, applications, and the relationships between them — this enables significant cost reductions while dramatically simplifying data center consolidation.  Any room for optimization that can help save time, money and boost productivity is checked and if found, implemented.  In addition to the servers and network cabling, the desktop framework is also checked.  Often, areas of inefficiency pop up not on the server side, but the desktop side and a proper data center assessment can weed out those areas and help remove any possibilities of downtime and drastically increase your service levels.

One of the final pieces of the puzzle is the data storage and data storage management assessment.  As companies produce massive amounts of data, it all has to go somewhere, and that somewhere should be readily available and extremely secure.  If your solution isn’t, after a data center assessment, you will know exactly what steps need to be taken to get there.

Interested in learning more about data center assessment solutions?  Please do visit us online to discover how network and technology services can save your business time and money.

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