SAN Aware Data Storage

How SAN Aware Optimizes Data Storage

In the IT departments of many companies, one of the constant challenges is maintaining an accurate data storage inventory. It can be an expensive and constant challenge. Or perhaps that last sentence should be in the past tense: It used to be an expensive and constant challenge—thanks to SAN Aware.

The goals of SAN Aware are to help a company optimize its data storage capacity and reduce its data storage costs. With SAN Aware, the company’s IT team can quickly gain an accurate and current inventory of its entire data storage estate. SAN Aware automatically performs storage discovery then creates recommendations that will help IT associates make informed and potentially money-saving decisions.

Companies benefit from SAN Aware because they gain:

• The potential for a faster and more efficient network.
• Cost savings in terms of data inventory and man hours.
• Faster and more thorough storage discovery, assessment, and mapping of data storage.
• Recommendations to increase utilization.
• The ability to reclaim unused storage, reallocate data storage devices, and improve user chargeback accounting.

IT specialists can view the company’s SAN estate. SAN Aware drills down to show data storage allocation and utilization by both server and application. Armed with this information, storage costs can be lowered through reallocation/repurposing, retirement, employing methods to increase utilization, and other storage optimization opportunities.
Moreover, data storage efficiency can be improved across a global network infrastructure which is especially useful for companies with a large IT footprint.

SAN Aware is affordable and provides companies with fast and potentially dramatic ROI. Plus SAN Aware can be fully customized to meet the needs of the IT department and the Line of Business.

We at Datatrend, as data storage optimization specialists, are sharing this information about the business benefits of SAN Aware in case it resonates with your situation. Please let me know your thoughts, challenges, etc. by replying to this post below.

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