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The world of structured cabling is ever-evolving.  New technology, new types of cable, new network cabling installations popping up all over the country; it never rests and staying on top of the situation can be a daunting challenge.  That’s where this post will step in and hopefully help keep you afloat in the world of network cabling, structured cabling and network cabling installation news.

Here are a few of our favorite stories over the past few weeks:

Siemon Promises New Cables Adhere to 40 & 100gbps Ethernet Standard
Simeon’s promise that their new cables adhere to the strict Ethernet standards comes as good news considering their newest fiber optic network cabling products might set all new high-speed benchmarks.  Just what role this higher bandwidth will have, remains to be seen, but the implications are exciting.

Nexans SA To Try to Purchase Dutch Fiber Optic Cable Maker Draka?
What happens when the world’s largest network cable maker looks to expand?  Most often, they will succeed, that’s what.  News is out that France’s Nexans is looking to purchase and incorporate Dutch fiber optic cable maker Draka.  The deal, if it goes through, is rumored to cost around $1.01 billion.

Good Structured Cabling Practices to Green Up Data Centers?
Just what role does network and structured cabling take in the ‘green’ aspect of data centers?  How about a central role?  How about a crucial one?  New research is showing that when a company has good structured cabling practices, data centers become greener.

More on Greening Telecom with Structured Cabling
Even more information on just exactly how structured cabling can play a vital role in the greening of entire industries.  In this case, the telecom industry is one that can be directly affected for the positive.  This article has more information on just how network cabling can help achieve that.

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