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Top 4 Takeaways from the Recent POWER7+ Announcements

Increased mobile device usage, advanced analytics, social business, and big data are redefining how business is done.  For companies to manage these changes effectively, it’s imperative they find solutions that are affordable, easy to deploy, simple to manage, and efficient.

Bottom line, businesses are searching for solutions that deliver a remarkable customer experience that drives innovation and reduces costs.  To achieve these lofty goals and aspirations companies are turning to IBM Power Systems with POWER7+.  These systems consistently deliver high level service across the enterprise by providing rapid response to challenging workloads.

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Benefits of Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Technology is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace and these changes can be overwhelming for businesses.  Cloud computing is a big part of these recent changes, though it is more an evolution of the way we do business than a passing trend. It has become ubiquitous within IT; nearly 50% of enterprise companies in North America and Europe will invest in the cloud in 2013.

Cloud-based systems deliver apps and secure communications capabilities like email, to meet the highly specialized needs of companies. They help to support fully informed, better-coordinated information that assists leaders with strategic business decisions.

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Datatrend on Cloud Computing: Part 3

>A transition to cloud computing allows companies strategic advantages not realized by traditional IT service models.  Conceptually, cloud computing is relatively straight-forward; however, understanding how cloud computing solutions are implemented can be quite complex.  In this post we will build on the foundation of the previous two posts (Datatrend on Cloud Computing-Part 1 and Datatrend on Cloud Computing-Part 2) and examine a high level private cloud implementation by a real customer.

Informational Overview

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Datatrend on Cloud Computing—Part 2

Cloud Computing is becoming increasingly popular. Although cloud computing remains somewhat mysterious to some, the basic concept is relatively simple: Instead of having to buy, and then maintain, an IT infrastructure, a company can go to the cloud and “rent” key services.

However, it is important to point out that cloud computing does not simply mean outsourcing an IT service or infrastructure, nor does it mean that the actual hardware is necessarily off-site, although those are options. But it does represent a computing model or approach that comes in many “flavors” with a lot of potential payoff, if done in a way that makes business and operational sense.

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Datatrend on Cloud Computing: Part 1

“The Cloud” and “Cloud Computing” can be mysterious concepts to people outside the IT world. In this post, which is the first in a series about cloud computing, we’d like to introduce the fundamentals of cloud computing—and demystify the concept.

At its most elemental, cloud computing involves migrating computer services off-site. For example, instead of using computer and IT resources in house, the company decides to use IT resources that another company provides. Cloud computing services can be broken down into three categories.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
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