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High Performance Computing for Data Analysis

3 Ways High Performance Computing (HPC) Adds Business Value

High Performance Computing for Data AnalysisHigh Performance Computing (HPC) gives your IT department a powerful tool to help the business capitalize on opportunity faster and gain ROI sooner. HPC drives ROI in three strategic business areas:

1. Innovation – whether you’re a bioscience, consumer products, financial services, industrial or technology company, innovation is the core driver of business growth. To capitalize on innovation, leadership must quickly assess risk, reward and return to make a decision that benefits the company and its shareholders. High performance computing helps leadership delve deeper into greater volumes of business data to draw more insightful information.

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Fast Computer

Understanding Key High Performance Computing (HPC) Benefits

Fast ComputerWhen you think of High Performance Computing (HPC) you may think of the sciences—biochemistry, physics, geology—high power, highly complex computing applications and environments that analyze massive amounts of data and require massive funding from research and science foundations.  Surprisingly, HPC is not only becoming more affordable, but also its application beyond the sciences is broadening to include numerous business applications.

The benefits of high performance computing in a business application can lead to top line growth and bottom line savings.  More importantly, HPC enables a competitive advantage in that companies have greater flexibility to more quickly respond to business opportunities thanks to more detailed risk analyses and in-depth predictive customer insights among other benefits.

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