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Unified Communications and Collaboration Means Faster and Clearer Communication—And Real-Time Benefits

Internal communication and external communication are more important than ever. However, the wide range of available methods are making communication more complicated for many companies. People are using a wider range of platforms to communicate including: instant messaging, email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, video, Skype and now Google+. And don’t forget the good old-fashioned phone call.

To harness the power of today’s communication methods, it’s vital for a company to use Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). UCC helps companies integrate and coordinate their communications into a single platform that’s customized to meet the company’s needs and geographic scope. UCC also helps companies communicate in real time so decisions can be made faster and with current data and information.

When communication is totally integrated, exchanging information becomes considerably easier. Employees and associates can communicate in real time, experts are instantly available, and information from clients and customers can also be integrated. This can lead to significantly improved service.

To make the most of UCC, many companies use the industry-leading IBM Sametime platform. Options are available based on whether a company needs video; with the latter, a company can benefit from access to Glowpoint’s Virtual Video Room, which is also built on the IBM Sametime platform. The video solution means that companies can benefit from video communication without a massive investment in video equipment.

A UCC system can be coordinated to satisfy a customer’s collaboration, network integration, IT, voice and data requirements. A UCC system can be designed and created so it’s significantly easier and faster for IT staff to configure, administer, and maintain the company’s communications infrastructure.

One company that’s benefiting from UCC, is Terna, an Italian company that operates high-voltage and very high-voltage electrical grids. Employees can now communicate in real time across all platforms and managers can make decisions based on accurate information. Travel costs have also decreased. The UCC system helps the people who work at the company to collaborate in real-time and ensure that the power grid distributes electricity properly every day.

UCC helps Terna meet supply demands, as well as plan and maintain the grid. The technology also helps the company meet its environmental goals and achieve maximum efficiency. Because the grid crisscrosses the country, many locations are remote; UCC helps Terna monitor remote company outposts and make key decisions without having to travel; employees in remote locations can also communicate more easily with employees in central locations. Additionally, UCC helps Terna improve data privacy and security by providing capabilities for authenticating, recording and tracking phone calls.

For companies that want to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their communications, Unified Communications and Collaboration is a must.


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