POWER Webinar Replay


Mark Waldrep – CEO, Datatrend Technologies

Steve Sibley – VP, Power Enterprise Systems & SW, IBM Systems & Technology Group

IBM and Datatrend Technologies held a POWER Webinar on Tuesday, October 28. This webinar is designed for a broad spectrum of IT professionals currently using or interested in the POWER platform, OpenPOWER Foundation initiatives, Linux on Power and AIX operating systems, and related solutions. We shared news and insights on the latest advancements and resources that can be leveraged to optimize workload performance, availability and management — enabling accelerated big data insights and hybrid cloud deployment for the enterprise.


The POWER webinar replay content has segments appropriate for:

  • IT Leadership
  • Capacity Planners
  • Enterprise Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Application Developers

A thorough review of the October 6 POWER announcements including but not limited to:

  • POWER8 processor-based portfolio enhancements
  • New Enterprise server releases Power E870. E880, plus S824L (Power optimized for Linux)
  • CAPI (attached flash memory)
  • IBM Data Engine For Analytics (Power Systems Edition)
  • The current AIX support roadmap
  • The POWER solutions (bundled) offerings
  • How and why Linux on Power is compelling for the developer and for hosting