Bad Cabling

Scary Structured Cabling Stories

Are you scared to look in your data closet? Did a black Cat6 cable cross your path? Is there a poisonous cable lurking in a mysterious serpentine blob? If your network structured cabling looks like any of these tangled webs, you might find yourself in an episode of Nightmare on Ethernet Street.

Check out some of these scary structured cabling messes. Hopefully, you’ll feel a lot better about your own data cabling and sleep better at night.
Scary cabling
Do you fear opening the creaking door to your data closet?
Can you quickly trace a problem and fix it? Not if it looks like any of these dreaded monsters.

How do you conquer your fears?
Keep the data closet door shut and pretend it doesn’t exist? Or, do you decide to be go on the offensive, and organize your wiring closet to ward off the evil spirits of spaghetti cabling.

Scared of cabling

Halloween costume idea:
Put that rat’s nest to good use as a costume…and tell twisted strand tales of what you’ve just witnessed to your trick or treaters!

cabling horrors

Are gremlins haunting your network cabling?

Do mysterious, unlabeled cables plague your data center? Do you have terminally ill terminations? What may have started as a well-intentioned connectivity schema, might have fallen victim to incremental moves, adds and changes (MACs) that strayed from the path of good cable management.

Scary cabling Ready to scare your structured cabling straight? download a free case study detailing how Datatrend installed over 800,000 feet of cable across hundreds of sites for a leading retail customer. We can assure you, it didn’t look anything like the photos above.

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Ever had to work somewhere with messy cable planning? Have you got a network cabling disaster of your own? Do you have scary structured cabling in a data closet somewhere? Leave your comment below!

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