3 More Messiest

Server Rooms: 3 More of the Messiest We’ve Seen!

It’s back! A fan favorite, an “at least we’re not that bad” post to see exactly how wrong it can go, when network cabling installations and data center technology falls into the wrong hands. Network cabling installations, when done correctly, can be works of art, a fact we’ve shown you time and again on this very blog. When done incorrectly, which we’ve also showed you, it can be catastrophic. Not only can poorly completed installations be problematic for your business operation, they can also be dangerous fire hazards and liabilities.

In honor of those liabilities, we’ve tracked down three more of the messiest, scariest and “thank goodness that’s not mine”-iest photos of server rooms that are quite clearly on the wrong track. Seeing these should be the perfect inspiration you need to never go down that track with your company, and do it right the first time, every time. Nevertheless, here are 3 more of the messiest server rooms we’ve ever seen:

Messy Network Cabling

Good luck walking back there!

Web of Network Cabling

At least it looks colorful?

Cluttered Server Room

Overturned-monitors? Check!

Once again, these are some fine examples of all you should not do when it comes to your server rooms and network cabling installations. When you’re ready to do it right and make sure you start and finish on the right track, we urge you to contact the experts at Datatrend to handle your network cabling and structured cabling installations with professional speed and organization. Don’t make the mistake of having to re-do all you’ve done just because of poor installation; get it right and keep it right!


To learn more about our network services or about network cabling and structured cabling installations, we encourage your to download our structured cabling/point-of-sale case study.