Messiest Server Room

Server Rooms: The Messiest We’ve Ever Seen

When it comes to network cabling, server rooms and structured cabling installations, we should be clear about one thing:

There are great ways to handle it and there are some very not great ways.

Finding the most obvious examples of the wrong ways is not nearly as challenging as one might expect as thousands of server rooms in thousands of companies are some of the messiest we’ve ever come across. To highlight this fact, and how you can avoid it, we have decided to show you highlights of the messiest server rooms around.

The folks at TechRepublic ran a pretty interesting article about server room nightmares and the photos they dug up are some of the hands-down scariest server rooms on earth.

Here are our favorite nightmares from their collection:

Where on Earth is the Chair?!

Is this a Server Room or a plate of Spaghetti?!

Is it bad that this looks BETTER than some?!

At least they’ve got a cooling system?

Anxiety in Rack and Stack Form

Clearly, these are very concrete examples of all you should not do when it comes to your server rooms and network cabling installations.

Feel free to peruse the other amazingly scary photos they have, but when you’re ready to do it right, we urge you to contact the experts at Datatrend to handle your structured cabling installations with professional speed and organization. Doing it right the first time will reduce your costs and improve the strength of not only your server rooms, but your entire data center.

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