Sprinting Ahead with Run Services

Written by Warner Schlais, President, Technology Services, Datatrend Technologies, Inc.

In an effort to ensure the smooth operation of ADDM (Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping) in the most effective and efficient way possible, Datatrend has been providing run services to its customers for BMC ADDM Software, with much success. Datatrend is able to remove customer concerns around training and keeping unique skills up to date, such as TPL (Tideway Programming Language) scripting language and all the other skills and knowledge required to operate the ADDM software efficiently and effectively. Datatrend operates these systems for customers, consistent with best practices and at a lower cost than what customers can do it for themselves.

A run service starts with a health check, where we review the entire ADDM implementation, including architecture, performance, deployment, topology, scan performance, reporting, and value being delivered. The health check will determine where the customer is regarding best practices operations, and recommend changes to close gaps and move the ongoing service to the highest level of performance possible.

At this point, real value can be delivered. Once your entire estate is being discovered correctly and scanned data is being collected efficiently and accurately, the run service focus can then move to the value derived from the information; for example, assuring your infrastructure is protected from the Heartbleed virus, or that you have an accurate software inventory should an audit be required from a vendor. Compliance with corporate standards and policies, as well as compliance with government regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, or PCI are all familiar areas in which Datatrend can help with the verification and validation of your environment. Providing proactive information value by sharing issues, opportunities, and practices from other accounts and from BMC is also extremely useful. You are no longer operating alone, but have access to the latest information surrounding your infrastructure, which will keep your information a trusted source on which you can rely. Target reporting that covers the information needs of a customer are also provided.

As part of the ongoing run service offering, Datatrend can build and maintain customer applications and/or your service impact models, keeping unique skills such as TPL current and available.. No longer do customers need to train employees to keep these skills current in house. Datatrend has an outstanding team of resources that can deliver ongoing support and needed TPL development and support as needed. Datatrend will partner with customer application development teams to understand changes that are being implemented and their impact on models being maintained. While normally there is little need to make changes to models built by Datatrend, keeping them current and evergreen is also a best practice that Datatrend provides, with minimal resources required.

As an added bonus, included in the Datatrend ADDM run services are capabilities around CMDB synchronization, software version upgrades, report creation, generation and distribution….plus more.

Datatrend is able to provide these run services at a cost less than half the equivalent at an average account with several thousand servers. This cost is far below that which is incurred with internal support. Datatrend has been providing estate scanning since the ADDM tool was owned by Tideway. As such, our team members have many years of experience and can resolve problems that surface quickly and efficiently. We are one of few, if not the only, companies providing this service, and we have received only positive feedback from customers utilizing this service.

For more information on Service Impact Modeling or our BMC Services, please contact Warner Schlais, President of Technology Services or call 1-800-367-7472