IT professional with over twenty years of experience in the data center, in nearly every industry including financial, transportation, manufacturing, and the military.  Always emphasizing efficiency in terms of both performance and cost, without sacrificing utility.  Particularly experienced in application rationalization projects to support data center migrations, corporate acquisitions, and consolidations.  Highly proficient in integrating data between disparate systems in order to create a more useful holistic view of the data center, facilitating strategic decision-making.  Federal security cleared.


Senior Solutions Architect

For a global manufacturing firm, based in the Midwest assisted in an urgent Disaster Recovery planning project by leading a team in modeling dozens of business critical applications, with an emphasis on hidden application dependencies and communications.  Consistently stayed ahead of schedule, and maintained a premium level of quality and detail throughout.  Demonstrated the value of dynamic application modeling by consistently being more current than manual documentation and processes.

For a Fortune 1000 global logistics company, dramatically improve critical application performance and reliability by streamlining and focusing their AppDyamics implementation.  Created a more logical and meaningful tier structure for each monitored application.  Authored more focused, relevant, and actionable alerts for each possible exception, including response times and errors, to help eliminate the culture of constant alerting. Educated users and technical experts alike on best practices for transaction detection and monitoring.  Presented a comprehensive health check of their deployment, with detailed findings and recommendations for next steps.

For a major energy corporation based in the Southeast, led a large-scale application modeling project to support a corporate acquisition.  Recruited, trained, and managed a team of a dozen engineers.  Maintained a consistently high level of quality while remaining on schedule and on budget.  Customer used the results to assess the potential elimination of millions of dollars worth of redundant hardware and software.

For the United States military, assisted in the national BRAC project through implementation and utilization of BMC ADDM.  Discovered millions of dollars worth of unknown hardware and software assets, with an eye towards decommissioning and recovery of those assets.  Quickly produced actionable and accurate results, all while operating under strict security and secrecy.


Technology Expertise

  • BMC
  • Discovery
  • ITSM
  • AppDynamics


  • AppDynamics Accredited Engineer
  • AppDynamics Certified Pre-Sales Expert
  • BMC Certified Professional for ADDM 10.x