IBM PureSystems

IT-related pain in business is acute. Every project is underfunded. Resources are overtaxed. Time is wasted along with too many dollars spent on maintenance instead of innovation. And increasing complexity creates ever-diminishing returns.


The PureSystems family is a family of expert integrated systems. This means the systems come fully integrated (from the factory) and ready for mission-critical operations with built-in expertise, based on the experience of thousands of deployments, that can tackle virtually any need. With PureSystems, your staff will be able to focus on driving innovation and results for your business, instead of devising, testing, and tuning custom integration solutions.

PureSystems deliver the three key characteristics of expert integrated systems:

  • Built-in expertise – Capturing and automating what experts do (“patterns of expertise”), from the infrastructure to the application, to make IT easy to deploy and manage
  • Integration by design – Deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software in a ready-to-go, workload-optimized system
  • Simplified experience – Making every part of the IT lifecycle easier with integrated management of the entire system and a broad open ecosystem of optimized solutions

ibm-pure-systems-300x292Forward-thinking companies can now rethink the way they deploy and manage their IT environments with a more open, agile, and integrated computing system that is dynamically managed from a single vantage point to simultaneously maximize efficiency and innovation.

By doing this, companies can:

  • Improve efficiency and utilization through integration
  • Optimize heterogeneous environments by providing the right architecture for the right workload
  • Increase speed and dexterity at the enterprise level
  • Improve control through simplicity, automation, compliance, and security
  • mprove economics through faster time-to-value driven by real-time scalability
  • Deliver insights faster to gain a competitive advantage

IBM PureSystems enable organizations to realize these benefits while minimizing the complexity inherent in a highly virtualized environment. They combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud computing, and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload. PureSystems “scale in” with integrated provisioning, flexibility, and virtualization that improves efficiency and reduces costs – fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT.

Gain immediate and deep business and domain expertise through pre-loaded application patterns, giving your business the knowledge of thousands of deployments and millions of hours of experience – all with faster system set-up and application deployment time.

The PureSystems family is comprised of these primary systems:

  • IBM PureFlex System – An integrated solution that combines compute, storage, networking, and virtualization capabilities under a single, unified management console into an infrastructure system that is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs for your enterprise.
  • IBM Flex System – A no-compromise infrastructure integrating compute, storage, and networking resources. Start with an innovative chassis, then upgrade your existing blade infrastructure or build your own system and make your IT simpler, more flexible, more open, and more efficient.
  • IBM PureApplication System – A platform system designed and tuned specifically for transactional web and database applications. This workload-aware, flexible platform is designed to be easy to deploy, customize, safeguard, and manage for both traditional and private cloud environments.
  • IBM PureData System – Designed to address big data challenges and optimized exclusively for delivering data services to today’s demanding applications with simplicity, speed, and lower cost.A special version of the IBM PureData System is IBM PureData System for Analytics (formerly known as Netezza) – a purpose-built data warehousing solution for faster data analytics with great simplicity and scalability.

Datatrend is Ready to Help You Usher in a New Era

Your Datatrend team is ready to help you determine which PureSystems solution and configuration are right for your organization. And we can ensure the solution is tied into your existing infrastructure and management systems. From concept to plug in, Datatrend will help you solve your IT pain, reduce your IT complexity, improve your IT economics, and bring you into the newest era of smart computing with expert integrated systems.

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