A simple appliance for serious analytics

Datatrend is an authorized and certified reseller of the IBM PureData System for Analytics (formerly known as IBM Netezza). We invested in the product knowledge, big data acumen, and technical expertise to help clients realize the full potential of their data, while bringing simplicity to analytics.

The IBM PureData System for Analytics is designed from the ground up to do one thing – make complex analytics on big data simpler, faster, and more accessible to more decision makers. It offers simple deployment, out-of-the-box optimization, no tuning, and minimal ongoing maintenance. It stands as the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest total-cost-of-ownership.

IBM PureData System for Analytics

Standing Apart from the Crowd

The IBM PureData System represents a very different approach as compared to other vendors. It is purpose-built for crunching massive volumes of data quickly and efficiently. This enables organizations to realize business value quickly, and analytically explore areas previously unimagined … all at an affordable price.

Key characteristics:
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  • Simple to deploy: A purpose-built, true appliance that comes pre-tuned with the optimal architecture for advanced analytics, making it ready to go, right out of the box
  • Simple to operate: “Resource light” deployment and operation translates into fast time to value and low total cost of ownership. It doesn’t need a team of DBAs!
  • Simple to scale: As data scales, so does processing power – without performance degradation
More Information
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So go ahead, explore these data warehousing and analytics appliance solutions from Datatrend. Then, contact Datatrend and let us help you get more value out of your data so you can benefit from faster analytics and enhanced decision-making.

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