IBM and Datatrend FlashSystem webinar held on May 3rd

IBM announced new All Flash Array solutions – A9000, A9000R & DS8888 – expanding the market-leading FlashSystem™ family. These bring a new level of enterprise performance at 2 million IOPS, 250 microseconds latency, and enterprise scale up to 250 PBs effective capacity. They feature the IBM-Research-driven, flash-optimized data reduction suite, combining new inline deduplication and compression, pattern removal, thin provisioning and snapshots.

Key Highlights:

  • IBM FlashSystem A9000 Family Delivers Enterprise Scale and Ultra-fast Performance: Multi-petabyte scale and millions of IOPS with latency as low as 250µs.
  • Extremely efficient full-time data reduction suite, including new inline deduplication
  • Grid-Scale & Hyper-Scale framework simplifies management for mixed workloads
  • Improve cloud service performance for multi-tenant environments and offers cloud integrations with leading platforms
  • Five 9’s High Availability: with non-disruptive upgrades and ability to survive controller failures without performance degradation.
  • The FlashSystem A9000 “pod” offers scale up to 144 managed “pods” for over 100PBs effective capacity, while the A9000R offers scale-up performance and capacity within a rack and up to 144 managed racks for over 250 PBs effective capacity!
  • The DS8888 adds an all-flash array solution for mainframe attached storage, ideal for any Tier 1 environment.