For companies looking for a robust IT infrastructure, IBM BladeCenter technology is an excellent choice.

These highly integrated systems are great for server consolidation, helping reduce the cost of IT operations while offering increased flexibility. With this technology, it’s possible to choose the server for each workload while consolidating servers into one platform.

Datatrend has extensive experience working with IBM BladeCenter technology. As a reseller and integrator of IBM BladeCenter based solutions, Datatrend associates can help your company make the most of the power of IBM BladeCenter in any business environment.

Advantages of IBM BladeCenter:

  • Choice of several types of BladeCenter chassis to meet a wide range of needs and performance requirements
  • Advanced integration through powerful dual-core management tools
  • Modular technology for maximum flexibility
  • Cost containment and control

Server consolidation and IT complexity reduction are some of the primary goals of IBM BladeCenter technology. IBM BladeCenter combines blade servers, storage, management, and networking options into high-density enclosures to provide a simplified environment. The simplification helps reduce IT and network administration costs while maximizing resource productivity.

IT and network managers will discover that IBM BladeCenter technology addresses key IT concerns including:

  • Manageability
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Capacity
  • Cooling
  • Power
  • Space

Integration with Additional Solutions

IBM wisely opened the design specifications for BladeCenter. This means that IT companies have developed complementary products to augment the effectiveness of the BladeCenter through customized solutions. And IBM designed BladeCenter architecture based on industry standards to support software from industry leaders including Linux, Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, Novell, and Sun Solaris operating systems.

For companies looking for total flexibility, reliability, and value, IBM BladeCenter technology provides an outstanding solution.

Partner with Datatrend for Real Savings and Benefits

In addition to server consolidation and IT simplification, IBM BladeCenter technology provides a wealth of additional features. Discover more about the technology by downloading the IBM BladeCenter family brochure.

When you’re ready to maximize the effectiveness of your IT systems and achieve real cost savings, partner with Datatrend to help you with IBM BladeCenter technology.

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