In this 15-minute pre-recorded presentation, Datatrend’s Director of Enterprise Solutions, Phil Turner, shares a high-level perspective of the game-changing converged infrastructure solutions available with IBM PureSystems, featuring IBM’s Flex System platform.

IBM Flex System: Flex to Fit

Datatrend Technologies delivers customized IBM® Flex System™ solutions to fit your current environment and future growth goals, streamlining IT management and empowering you to migrate to converged infrastructure on your schedule, now or over time – with the benefit of long-term investment protection.

Topics Covered Include:

An overview of the IBM PureSystems Family

from the extreme flexibility chassis and componentry of Flex System, to turnkey pre-integrated options with PureFlex to support Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and PureApplication and PureData to support Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) interests.

How IBM Flex System offers convergence on your schedule

serving as building blocks of integrated componentry to customize your infrastructure for your application needs, integrating with your existing environment today, and offering sustainable architecture for scale and adaptation capabilities for changing compute nodes, networking and storage components. Implement the latest technologies now or migrate to them over time, maximizing investment protection along the way.

The unprecedented compute node flexibility of IBM Flex System

with integration and single-pane management of both Intel x86 and IBM Power processor severs, both 2-socket and 4-socket, and up to 28 physically independent servers in a single chassis, with the ability to configure to match workload requirements.

How IBM Flex System offers the highest network I/O performance, flexibility and interoperability

supporting 1, 10 & 40Gb Ethernet, 8 & 16 Fiber Channel, 10 & 40Gb FCoE and even InfiniBand FDR – giving you the greatest bandwidth-per-CPU in the industry to support your most demanding I/O workloads.

How IBM Flex System’s Storwize storage management adapter offers virtualization flexibility

to manage nearly any brand of block mode storage from a single standardized management interface with an easy GUI, plus Easy Tier automated storage tiering functions to allocate hot spot data to faster devices. Replication, volume creation and even real time data compression can be standardized across multiple vendors.

Why IBM Flex System chassis offers proof of investment protection

providing both near-term ROI and long-term investment protection superior to Cisco, Dell and HP – serving as the next generation evolution of time-tested BladeCenter offerings, As with BladeCenter, Flex System provides a 10+ year roadmap, where the chassis accommodates multiple processor generations, switching componentry and power/cooling needs.

How IBM Flex System management framework allows you to use tools of your choice

including the option of the Flex System Manager, for central management of Flex System modular servers, storage, networks as well as virtual machines (whether VMware, KVM or HyperV), plus reporting into enterprise managers.

How Flex System enables a new reality of computing

where simple, easy-to-use, integrated components support the truly complex and growing workloads and demands of mobility, application development and hosting scenarios.

IBM Flex System – Flex to Fit Your Needs

Enterprises large and small are experiencing a rapidly-growing demand for increased data storage, processing, and analysis. Combining IBM Power and x86 compute, storage, networking, virtualization and single point of management within a single chassis, Flex System is the fastest growing converged infrastructure system in the PureSystems™ family – over 6,000 systems shipped. Flex System’s open design takes you “beyond blades” to support your current environment and growing workloads.

The IBM Flex System should be considered the next step for any company using or evaluating blade technology and looking for virtualization, consolidation, and simplified IT management to meet the need for improved analytics. Flex System’s level of consolidation and simplification will transform datacenters.

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Premier Business Partner

Datatrend is your Flex System Partner

Datatrend Technologies is uniquely qualified to help you navigate and deliver on the promise of converged infrastructure. Leveraging 29+ years of experience, Datatrend is one of IBM’s largest Flex solutions providers in North America, with the highest level IBM Premier Partner designation – Specialty Elite – for PureFlex™ and Flex System, as well as System x, Power Systems and Storage Systems; all of which can be managed in an integrated Flex System. This means Datatrend didn’t just get the minimum skills to sell the platform, but we have certified to the highest level in each component area as well as the overall platform because we think YOUR business is worth that investment. Don’t you?

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