Server Solutions

Does Compute.

Physically and virtually, Datatrend can help you specify/validate, configure, integrate, test and deploy server solutions to help your organization manage your compute demand for both current and future workloads. We’ve deployed rack and blade server solutions in the most demanding, mission critical environments – from enterprise data centers for top financial institutions to in-network deployments for top telco carriers. And, we deploy a range of configurations (rack, blade, tower, gateway) in ROBO/retail/hotel and edge-of-network environments.

Datatrend is a leading x86 blade server reseller and integrator. Blade enclosures allow shared power, cooling, network, and storage infrastructure; this reduce cost and complexity of eliminated components: power, switches, adapters, connectors and cables.

Converged infrastructure brings together servers, storage and networking resources, and management tools, into a pre-certified stack for quick deployment, optimal performance for specific applications, and management flexibility. Datatrend has integration expertise to help ISVs & OEMs with custom performance-tuned integrated infrastructure (a.k.a. converged infrastructure), and we help with the integration and deployment of our manufacturing  partners’ converged and hyperconverged infrastructure offerings.

ISV & OEM Server Integration and Delivery

Datatrend works with independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and enterprise clients to enable custom configured technology infrastructure solutions for streamlined implementation of software, gaining speed to market, added solution value and high customer satisfaction.


The server is the heart of the software defined data center, enabling Storage Virtualization, Network Virtualization, Network Virtualization, etc.; whether you are pursuing a Software Defined Network (SDN) or Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and hyper about hyper-convergence, Datatrend has solutions for each infrastructure component or the converged infrastructure:

Server Solutions:

  • Cisco Servers
  • Dell Servers
  • HP Servers
  • IBM Servers
  • Lenovo Servers

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