Solving Server Sprawl

Your x86 servers seem to multiply overnight, and your IT maintenance and energy costs are rising just as rapidly. You want a solution to your server sprawl. And, you want it customized to your unique needs. At Datatrend, we understand the issues you face. We’re experts in customized x86 virtualization, with all the experience you’re looking for in a virtualization partner.

We know no two organizations are alike. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a mid-size business, whether you need a lot of assistance or just a little – Datatrend is here to lend a hand. We would love to use our data center virtualization know-how to help you win the battle against server sprawl. With lower costs and fewer IT headaches as the reward, your victory will be sweet.

But don’t begin your x86 virtualization before answering seven key questions. Our in-depth report explains what you need to know. Take the first step.

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If you are considering virtualization but can’t figure out how you can manage the resources needed for such a big project, Datatrend can help.

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