Solutions For The New Data Center

IT staffing

IT managers have been asked to meet increased demand with fewer resources. Data center automation tools can help you manage spikes in IT resource demand. With Data Center Automation solutions from Datatrend we can help you streamline your IT operations and dynamically provision servers and applications freeing up valuable IT resource time.

Not only will Data Center Services and Automation Solutions reduce risk and make managing your IT infrastructure simple – it also saves your business money.

  • Cost reduction by automating day-to-day operations and shift funding to strategic initiatives.
  • Increased availability by following best practices for change and configuration management and by standardizing builds and configurations at the time of deployment.
  • Improved change lifecycle management — from incident to resolution, while setting priorities for changes and seeing the impact before a change is made.

Datatrend specializes in HP Data Center Automation (formerly known as Opsware), which provides comprehensive Automation solutions. We can assist you with configuration, license acquisition, and software support.

The proven processes and industry-leading expertise of Datatrend delivers the results you need – a better-performing, simplified and cost-effective IT infrastructure. Are you ready to make your ideal IT environment a reality? Contact us today.