Migrations, Conversions, & Consolidations – Applications, Servers, Systems

Migrations, Conversions, & Consolidations

Platform Migrations, Conversions, & Consolidations from Datatrend include:

  • Platform and Operating System Migrations – Server migration, UNIX migration, Linux migration, data migration & database migration, and application migration
  • Software Conversions – Converting applications, and code base (language) migrations
  • Platform and Operating System Upgrades – Upgrading capacity
  • Server and Storage Consolidations

Datatrend Migration Project Office

Datatrend has a dedicated migration project office designed to manage any migration or conversion, including migration of any application, server or system. Whether a project calls for moving from one operating system to another, or involves moving from one language base to a new generation realm, our project office will help you assess, design, plan, manage and implement.

Migration and conversion services from Datatrend are built on decades of experience in responding to the dynamic needs of many of the nation’s premier Fortune 500 companies. Datatrend has enabled successful technology migrations, conversions, and upgrades across a broad array of technical platforms.

Datatrend brings best practices migrations, conversions, & consolidations processes as well as deep talent, certified in their areas of expertise.

Data Center Consulting and Planning

Engineers and project managers from Datatrend are experienced, detail oriented, and attentive to the needs of the customer. They work in a fully integrated manner with your team. System migration planning is done with a keen eye to reducing risk and minimizing potential problems that can result from a poorly planned activity.

Platform (Server Migration) and Operating System Migrations

An outdated server can cause more harm to an organization’s bottom line than the cost associated with migrating data and applications. Datatrend Technologies has a proven track record in performing server migrations – from one platform to another, including UNIX migration and Linux migration – whether from one type of UNIX based platform to another, or to a UNIX/Linux environment from another type of environment. We are also well-versed in system migrations: moving programs and transferring your data without loss through data migration, database migration, and application migration. Whatever variety of migration you need, Datatrend can provide one that will eliminate pain points and ensure a smooth transition.

Mainframe Migration

Mainframe Migration extends the benefits of an open environment to legacy applications. By reusing mainframe applications and data on high performance x86 servers or midrange systems, total cost of ownership can be improved across an IT organization, while preserving existing investments in applications and staff. Other benefits include reduced complexity and risk with minimal to no end user disruption. Datatrend’s services include migration justification, consultation, assessment, project guidance, implementation, and technology transfer.

Software Conversions

Datatrend Technologies has significant experience with software migration/conversion. Our first such migration offering involved porting Series/1 EDX/EDL applications to C/AIX platforms. Today, we offer a multitude of software migration offerings, including mainframe application downsizing, application consolidation, web application and e-commerce migrations, database migrations, and corporate messaging migrations. Datatrend offers an array of AIX/POWER services and solutions that can be reviewed in detail on the AIX/POWER Services page.

Platform and Operating System Upgrades
Our team can take the worry and hassle away from performing upgrades, even when they don’t involve system or server migration. We have tremendous experience in upgrading platforms and operating systems from version to version, as well as managing software upgrades, operating system patches, firmware updates, and more. When upgrading your capacity and/or managing system/software updates, trust Datatrend to help you achieve trouble-free results.

Server and Storage Consolidations

We will help you assess your current server and/or storage infrastructure for opportunities to consolidate resources and take costs out of your data center. Our aim is to pinpoint potential trouble spots including whether consolidation or even virtualization makes sense … and providing a simple roadmap to help you get there. We will tangibly demonstrate how you can gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and reclaim unused capacity … while improving performance and enhancing flexibility. Our specialists will work with you to create an IT environment that optimizes performance by reducing complexity, controlling management costs, and avoiding unnecessary IT purchases. And we always keep your goals, your standards, and your desire for ROI in mind.

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