IP security solutions

Installing a Foundation For Your Infrastructure

Today’s security needs for retailers are different than they were a decade ago. For the unprepared business, today’s world can be a risky place. We may not like to think about it, but theft is on the rise, security is a key concern, and lawsuits are a constant threat.

IP security solutions offer significant benefits over old-fashioned analog systems including:

  • View and manage security data remotely over the Internet
  • Centralized data reduces business costs
  • Improved image quality and simplified video retrieval
  • Easy and cost-effective installation – no need for separate cabling
  • Eliminate camera downtime and blind spots

But, security means more than just surveillance. The flexibility and mobility of the data being captured is a tremendous asset. By combining the power of analytics with video surveillance technology you can gain a more complete view of your store’s operations.

Datatrend’s complete IP security solutions combine digital surveillance technology, advanced imaging, and powerful analytics software to allow you to better understand in-store customer behaviors, optimize store layout and design, calculate conversion rates, analyze the success rate of in-store promotions, identify high theft areas, and minimize shrinkage.

Datatrend Network Services Consultants will work with you and your security team to perform an analysis of available technology.

>> Download a pdf of Internet Protocol (IP) Security – Boosting Your Bottom Line