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Getting Connected. Getting Smart.

The efficiency, automation, controls and communications potential for IoT is causing rethinking about potential scenarios and applications, and sparking new partnership across various industries Applications. While smart cars, smart homes and wearables are catching a great deal of media and consumer attention, Datatrend IoT applications focus where stationary physical infrastructure exists to enable wireless communications.

IoT Applications:

  • Embedded Systems IoT – Through our work in partnership with OEMs and ISVs, we help consult, architect, integrate and implement purpose-built infrastructure including (or connecting to) embedded technologies.
  • Smart Buildings IoT – From access control and security systems, to presence and climate sensing, we help with the connectivity and compute power to make the collection of things, the buildings and the people who manage them smarter.
  • Smart Cities IoT– From air quality monitoring to security, your home town is getting wiser every day. Datatrend can help with Smart City initiatives through partnership with ISVs and OEMS, as well as with infrastructure partners, such as Aruba, Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM, Lenovo and Meraki.

IoT Industries:

  • Energy IoT 
  • Retail IoT 
  • Hospitality IoT
  • Healthcare IoT
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Transportation IoT – While we’re not taking over the wheel in your self-driving car, we do work with some major transportation and logistics companies, enabling them with

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