ISV & OEM program
ISV & OEM Programs

Datatrend delivers friction-free solution deployment for ISVs and OEMs

Remove the barriers to delivery

Datatrend partners with independent software vendors (ISVs) and original equipment manufacturers  (OEMs) to enable custom configured technology infrastructure solutions for streamlined sales and implementation, whether delivered via cloud service model or as a fully integrated, purpose-built appliance installed on-premises in your client environment.

Our complementary approach allows ISVs and OEMs to focus on solution development as we deliver on the enabling hardware to optimize it. Our flexible model allows for “sell to” and “sell with” solutions to fit ISV and OEM solution sales and implementation preferences.

Speed to market and added value with a nimble partner

ISVs and OEMs gain value-added offerings, improved speed to market and the benefits of expert hardware procurement, integration and deployment, as well as flexible financing and online ordering. Datatrend’s ISV/OEM program was developed over more than a decade with dozens of ISVs and OEMs, helping them go to market and scale more quickly, while increasing solution value, time-to-value and customer satisfaction.

Leading infrastructure vendor partnerships

Datatrend is an OEM reseller and integration partner with the leading IT infrastructure vendors, including Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM and Lenovo. Datatrend offers a comprehensive line of rack and blade servers, workstations, network, and storage solutions. Add value to your offering, improve speed to market and gain the benefits of expert hardware procurement, integration and deployment.

Dedicated, knowledgeable and responsive CSR team

Our customer service representatives orchestrate efficiently and communicate proactively throughout the sales, bid, order, delivery and ongoing support processes. The following principles define our commitment to customer satisfaction and drive our customer service: Be Obviously Better, Talk Straight, Do Right and Be Honorable.

Datatrend offers differentiated agility, customization, communications, and proactive and responsive customer service. Get efficient and effective fulfillment capabilities, focused on procuring and integrating custom ISV and OEM packages, from the largest DC power integration facility in North America. Datatrend is equipped with facilities and capabilities for large-scale, complex deployments.

We also have extensive ISV & OEM solution deployment experience in the telco and service provider market, with telecommunications-specific solutions including exclusive long-life products and DC power integration, supporting NEBS compliance and NFV capabilities.

If you are an ISV or OEM and would like to learn more about our services, please contact us or call 800.367.7472